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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Creative Advisor, Seitaro Yamazaki unveils New Art

Japan's renowned artist produce video installation that visualizes the music of Steve Reich

JAPAN, May 20, 2021 / -- Seitaro Yamazaki, art director at Seitaro Design Co., Ltd., presented his video installation ““MUSIC FOR THE MARGINS” #01 STEVE REICH /COUNTERPOINT ” in Tokyo on Wednesday, March 31. Released as the first event at the art festival “MEET IN TOKYO”, Seitaro presented the art as a homage to composer Steve Reich. Fusing music and art together, Seitaro’s installation commemorates 85 years since the birth of Reich who he praises as a master of modern music.

Seitaro’s large-scale video installation consists of a centered screen with two large LED panels on the left and right side. The project visualizes the music of Steve Reich and expresses the relationship of sound and time. Seitaro says “Every piece of music has a melody. Between the grains of sound making the melody, there is an infinite abyss of sound. The world of sound that exists between the grains and cannot be captured in a notation. The infinite world of sound existing between the grains is dynamically visualized by a digital program. ” . the center screen of the three screens represents the time axis, which Counterpoint presently follows, and accompanied by the two panels on the sides that reflect time that “may have existed.” .He launched the project to seek possibilities to express the relationship of “sound” and “(overlapping, folded, or blended) multiple time, existing within possibilities ”.He has pursued visualization of myriad “expressions that might have been possible or time that might have existed” “vanished away without being selected for some reasons”. The piece marks the first in Seitaro’s series “Music for the Margins”

Seitaro says “As a contemporary music fan, I am grateful to be able to work with Steve Reich, who I had longed for, in this way, and for such a strange fate, and I will continue to express various arts through MEET IN TOKYO. I am very much looking forward to the exchange of music.”

Of future work, Seitaro hopes to expand his work from Japan to the U.S. and Europe. He mentions his studio’s decision to open a new base in New York City and future plans for exhibitions across Europe.

Seitaro Yamazaki is a conceptual artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He showcases exhibitions and installations all around the world. His creations cover a wide range of fields such as graphics, on-screen, products, and space design. Seitaro Yamazaki is the founder and director of Seitaro Design, Inc., radio personality of FM Yokohama “Culture Department”, and the Creative Advisor of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Organization Committee. He has received many awards throughout his careers such as the Good Design Award, Asian Design Award, and 14th Arte Laguna Prize.

Seitaro Design, Inc., was established in October 2008 at THE WORKS ANNEX 1F 3-17-9 in Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo with Seitaro Yamazaki as the Representative Director.

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