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Poker Chips "Wanted" for play and fashion

USA, May 17, 2021 / -- Poker has become a proud passion for many and was first developed in the early 19th century. In fact, some of the very first poker chips ever made were constructed out of ivory, wood, clay, or bone. However, the origin of poker is quite a mystery. Depending on what a poker player considers fundamental to the game of poker, there is a different beginning, whether it is based on gameplay, money, or just pure fascination.

Poker is enjoyed by millions around the world and consists of not just one card game but multiple. Poker is essentially the umbrella to different kinds of card games that feature a 52 card deck. Some of which include games such as Texas Hold 'em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and many other various forms. There are even a few that are a combination of several different games into one. Poker is one of the world's most popular strategic card games out there. It's become so popular that April 19th has been established as National Poker Day.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in 2020, the entirety of the world has changed and how we as humans function. With the ongoing pandemic to this day, the world of poker has also experienced a few modifications, with several dozen live poker events being canceled. The game of poker is an exceptional in-person experience, so taking it completely virtual was no easy feat, but it is nothing new to the Poker industry. Since 1998, poker has dabbled in online tournaments, but live events were still much more favored. Very few sites today are open to accepting American poker players, so the potential is limited.

The ultimate test was for the World Series of Poker Tournament that goes down every Summer with nearly 200,000 attendees. The major tournament planned to break up the main event into two virtual matches. Once the pool is narrowed down to the top nine players, the tournament would continue in person. The big difference is all attendees and crew must get tested for COVID-19. As vaccinations rule out, more and more people are getting vaccinated, making things run much smoother for major productions such as the World Series of Poker.

As things slowly but surely return to the "new" normal, future tournaments will have the authority to return to live events while enhancing health and sanitization as well as encouraging safe social distancing. Over the last year, many poker players have got a taste of virtual poker play, and some are rather enjoying the convenience of playing such a heavily strategic game from the comfort of one's own couch.

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