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Social blockchain credit investigation, disruptive social innovation

USA, May 15, 2021 / -- Preface
Nowadays, people generally use social platform software to broaden their circle of friends and get to know others in different fields to increase their knowledge. However, most dating applications online social market today generally have three core shortcomings.

First of all, the platform formulates business strategies that is too pursuing efficiency and benefit, which leads to the loss of its original intention to promote effective matching.

Second, the displayed user information is untrue and inaccurate have mislead normal users. This type of problem is widespread and increasingly serious, even causing serious property losses. The most important thing is that there is no corresponding investigation and correction mechanism to purify the online friend making environment.

Last but not the least, There is a risk of personal privacy leakage. FMB, which aims at decentralized contracts, uses encryption technology to achieve decentralization and at the same time enhance the security of personal information.

What is FMB?
In order to promote decentralized matching, Friend making blockchain launches FMB to provide payment functions for the decentralized matching protocol and jointly build a real dating blockchain.

FMB can be purchased on social platforms or earn a premium, and it can also be traded on exchanges. Social software uses FMB to motivate members and increase the matching success rate. FMB can also be used for payments between members.

What problems can FMB solve?
(1): FMB blockchain mutual certification, providing credit information for members of the community
Relying on a large database, we have established a mutual certification channel, combining blockchain technology, AI technology, and big data technology to eliminate suspicious users from a large number of users, thereby restricting the permissions of suspicious users and maintaining the security of the dating environment; decentralization The characteristics of integration ensure that the information of community members cannot be arbitrarily tampered with, fundamentally eliminating personal information fraud.

(2): FMB personal store gameplay, providing various services and products for making friends
Users can open a personal dating store on the block system to provide personal related services. Sellers use the services to earn FMB, and buyers purchase the required services in the form of FMB payment to form a mobile FMB capital chain. A new financial token consumption system based on trust.

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