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What to anticipate in The Seventh Riddle Episode 2?

USA, May 13, 2021 / -- Athena Goodman started her love for writing at age nine when she wrote her first poem, titled, Smile. The concepts for her current stories also began at that time where she keeps in her journals.

She hasn’t stopped writing since then. She has written many books and the published ones include the 7th Riddle book, Episode 1 and which’s a seven series book, and the children’s books in the likes of Amazing Animal Funphabets, Bunnyland Crisis, If Grades were Zoo, Agent DJ, Zapp App, and she published JR Terrier as well.

She currently has another serial on Kindle Vella, The Sabotage, and a family drama, The Fragile Destiny, watching over grace” that narrates the healing of siblings that are written in 4 volumes. There are other books of her such as cookbooks, also magazines, and apps for exercising, dieting, and food management.

Athena is also a missionary that helps build schools and hospitals around the world. She also does as many outreach programs as possible to help more people globally.

The Next Episode – Seventh Riddle Episode 2
Episode 1 left the readers wanting more! The grand launch of Episode 2 will take place on May 28, 2021. More thrill, intrigues, and mysteries await Charles Deveaux as he continues his quest to unlock the codes, riddles, and puzzles to win the prize that will change his life.

Find out where episode 2 will lead to as it begins back in California whizzing its way into the landmarks of Rio de Janerio. Will the seven riddles be his only key to evade his tumultuous past? Anticipation is building up as the Seventh Riddle Episode 2 is one one the most awaited mystery thriller that has the ingredients of robbery, kidnapping, crime, deceit, and betrayal. It can be exhilarating and exhausting to Deveaux! One thing to expect is it’s a page-turner and an interactive book wherein you get to solve the codes, riddles, and puzzles along with its storyline. Do you have what it takes to solve the riddles? And, are you ready?

The Game App

Another surprise to look forward to is the 7th Riddle game app that’s a special escape island theme that’s an animal crossing-inspired game! In each episode, the game gets more complicated and exciting. We are cooking an event that will be played live streaming online with players from all over the world with super prizes in store!
Watch out for these, soon!

The Giveaway
To coincide with the launching of the 7th Riddle Episode 2 on May 28, 2021, there is a giveaway promo for all the riddlers and book lovers out there.
Just enter the 7th Riddle Episode 2 by clicking the link below. The giveaway promo will run until May 30, 2021. The grand winner will win an HD Kindle Fire and there’s a $25 Amazon gift certificate for the consolation prize. Don’t forget to confirm your email.

They are going full blast with all these wonderful offerings from Athena Goodman/
You can pre-order Episode 2 on the links below:

Athena dared to follow her dream and as she remembers vividly a good lesson she learned about writing is to just write everything and anything in your mind and heart. The one rule was that you write without self-correcting, looking back, or even stopping, just write until you are done saying what you want to say.

Final Thoughts
Most authors and writers have the richest memories, deepest thoughts, creative minds, and extensive experiences that they share with their readers. Athena Goodman belongs in that category as her stories come from her heart or her own experiences.
Writing what you know is a good place, to begin with, but one’s interaction with other people adds to life’s enrichment and countless stories that could be written and impact and touch the lives of as many people as possible.

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