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Ri Group and Pensio Global Announce a Multi-Faceted Strategic Partnership and $52.2 Million Purchase Contract

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Ri Group, the developer of the Mini Design House, have partnered with Pensio Realty S.A. to execute a US $52.2M contract to purchase all 252 real estate units

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA, May 5, 2021 / -- Ri Group, the innovative design team and developer of the Mini Design House short term extended stay real estate units, have partnered with Pensio Realty S.A., a Panama based subsidiary of the Pensio Global Group to execute a U.S. $52.2 Million contract to purchase all 252 real estate units for Pensio clients.

Pensio's proprietary 5-year property management guaranteed rental income program has been integrated into the Mini Design House real estate units, offering Pensio clients guaranteed rental income resulting in a secured 27% annual net operating income and an estimated annual yield of 49%. Pensio also provides clients guaranteed 20-year fixed payment monthly financing when they pay the U.S. $39,999 minimum deposit requirement.

"Mini Design House is luxury furnished, decorated and fully equipped short-term extended stay investment real estate unit that ranges in size from 22 sq.m. to 35 sq.m., located in the trendy Obarrio neighborhood in the heart of the Panama City metropolis. The location offers guests easy access to the metro, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, banks, shops, parks, houses of worship, and importantly easy access to Panama beaches and the wonderous Panama eco-system," stated Amparo Ameglio, CEO of RI Group.

"The Mini Design House is a leading example of all that makes Panama the preeminent global luxury real estate unit investment opportunity for domestic and foreign investors," Brandon Keks, CEO of Pensio Global, describes the Mini Design House as one of the most global innovative short-term stay independent investment opportunities.

As Brandon Keks states: "Our search and investigation of the World's best emerging real estate markets and opportunities to partner resulted clearly in Panama as our main target market, always coming to the top of the list for all of the right investment reasons. Forbes International Living has ranked Panama for the past ten years as one of the top countries in the world to live, retire and invest in."

According to Brandon Keks, Panama became increasingly attractive as they looked further into the Panamanian market. Brandon Keks explained, "We found that Panama had unparalleled real estate investment opportunities with strong potential for growth and measurable historical returns that we would without hesitation guarantee for our clients and as we have contracted with Ri Group for the Mini Design House."

Brandon Keks also added: "We provide our clients a no-hassle 5-year full-service property management program with guaranteed income ensuring a 27% net operating income for 20 years underwritten by insured rental income performance bonds. The term clipping coupons comes to mind; Pensio takes the risk, and we believe we are taking no risk in ranking Panama as the best place in the world today to invest in real estate."

Brandon Keks confidently stated, "Mini Design House may be one of the best investment decisions in the Panama market. It is undoubtedly a global benchmark for short-term extended stay real estate unit investments because of Ri Group's strategic planning and construction standards for what is one of the World's leading real estate opportunities for our clients, a testimonial to Panama innovation."

About Ri Group Panama

Ri Group Panama is a business consortium operating various strategic corporations; Ri Fondo Investment, Ri Multi Investment, Ri Patrimonial, Ri Project Manager, Ri Inmobiliria and Ri Properties. Ri Group Panama has a philosophy that if it is not profitable, it is not possible.

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About Pensio Global

Pensio Group of Companies (Pensio Global) is a credit risk consulting, management, and rental income guarantee company operating since 2004, specializing in proprietary rental income risk management programs tailored to the residential and commercial rental markets. Pensio is supported by a vast network of strategic relationships in property development, lending, insurance, and management technology. Pensio Global provides risk management consulting services and rental income guarantee programs in 7 countries. Pensio has three strategic rental income guarantee programs for landlords, developers, lenders, and tenants. The Pensio rental income programs cover pre-construction new build developments, multi- family dwellings, short-term extended stay properties, student housing, seniors living care residences and commercial properties.

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