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Parents Supporting their Online Learners: Part 7 of 11

Parental Academic Engagement

Celebrate the fact that you've been empowered to drive your child’s academic success.”
— Parents as Tutors
Summer 2021 will be different than previous summers as parents plan fun activities and trips, while wondering if their children need to be in summer school to recoup learning loss. Deciding whether their children should attend summer school or not, is nothing new. What’s new is the driver behind that decision.
Surely our children cannot wait to hang out with friends and regain that missing social interaction, but parents know that if they ended the school year on a deficit, it means theat starting the new grade level unprepared, challenges their chances of academic success. What then should a parent do?

1. Reach out to your school for summer packets and summer reading materials.
2. Ask your child’s teacher to share with you, data that indicates your child’s achievement level on phonics, vocabulary usage, phonemic awareness, fluency,
comprehension, grammar, and writing.
3. If there are deficits in any of those areas, ask the teacher to explain how the summer packets would help.
4. Visit the tutorial page at and use the tutorial that addresses the areas your child's teacher needs you to work on.
5. Visit the products page at and view the breakdown of how each resource addresses area of deficit.
6. Use these resources to strengthen your ability to improve your child’s reading ability.

Finally, please celebrate the fact that you have been empowered to drive your child’s academic success. Reach out to Parents as Tutors, and share your success stories.

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