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Aquafighter® Enters North American Agriculture Market With Water-Free Diesel Technology For Farms.

Image showing Aquafighter being installed into tank and then Aquafighter being removed from the fuel tank and replaced.

Aquafighter®: Combining fuel de-emulsification with in-tank water capture to make diesel fuel and tanks water-free. An ideal fuel solution with easy installation & simple replacement to provide farmers with a clean tank and “clear & bright” fuel to all diesel equipment.

Image showing Aquafighter cleaning water-logged fuel that will prevent diesel bacteria and diesel bug.

Aquafighter® before and after: The difference is clear.

Image showing Aquafighter applications on the farm.  Solutions for storage tanks and solutions for diesel machines and equipment.

Aquafighter® has solutions to fit all accessible diesel tanks on the farm to create a wall against water, dirt, chemical additives and bacteria from contaminating tanks, using up filters, corroding steel tanks & engine parts and from damaging machinery.

Aquafighter®, the first product giving farmers the power to purify fuel directly inside the tank and to keep tank bottoms dry; enters the North American market.

We know that when people use Aquafighter® for the first time, they will not want their fuel tanks to be without Aquafighter® again.”
— Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS

WINNIPEG, MB, April 20, 2021 / -- Aquafighter®, a new technology for removing water from diesel fuel and keeping fuel tanks water-free, is growing their sales network worldwide and seeking increased distribution in North America.

Steve Schultz of DieselCare AS, developer and manufacturer of the Aquafighter® technology, "When we brought Aquafighter to market in January of 2020 we had our focus in the fuel station industry as we have 45 years experience in that field and phenomenal results in the 2+ years of Aquafighter use with fuel station tanks prior to market launch. However; we have expanded our focus as we understand the large amounts of diesel that farms use every year and the amount of storage tank contamination, machinery repairs and filter replacements that can largely be traced back to water in the fuel and in the fuel tank; especially with the increase in biodiesel use."

Aquafighter® is a simple non-additive, non-energy consuming, easy to use fuel purifying technology that is easily installed into the bottom of the fuel tank that will keep both diesel and biodiesel water-free and eliminate or greatly reduce the risks created from water/condensation in the fuel tank such as diesel bug, microbial growth, tank corrosion, clogged filters, injector misfire, reduction in fuel efficiency, loss of acceleration, fuel degradation, engine stall and engine failure.

Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS, "Over the last 20 years I spent time in the US Midwest inspecting fuel tanks and I was surprised at the condition of these tanks and the bad fuel that so many farmers are allowing to go into their beautiful and expensive tractors and combines. 8 out of every 10 tanks that I inspected had an unacceptable level of water and a significant amount of bacteria. This leads to so many unnecessary filter changes, repair costs and downtime."

Aquafighter® is available in various sizes for tanks with openings as small as 1.5 inches (3.8cm) and capacities ranging from 6 ounces to 10 gallons (200ml to 40 liters). Also, the Aquafighter® Fleet is available for installation into tractors, trucks and combines.

"Just as with all fuel tanks in every application, water is an inescapable inevitability. Because the fuel tank needs to breathe, the air that cycles through your tank brings with it condensation that accumulates inside the tank; and this doesn't even account for the water that comes with the fuel delivery and tank leaks. Only a few milliliters of water can grow bacteria and only 1 drop of water can cause your engine and/or injectors to fail. This is why Aquafighter is so valuable to any diesel operator who wants their machines to operate efficiently and with precision.", says Steve Schultz.

Mike Veloso with Pritchard Power Systems in Canada explains, “Aquafighter is a very simple, inexpensive solution for eliminating water in your fuel and in your tank. As a company based in Winnipeg we are quite familiar with the challenges that farmers have with water in their fuel tanks as well as the fuel that they allow into their engines. We are proud to offer a solution that can not only treat this problem, but to actually cure it."

Aquafighter® was developed by DieselCare AS in Norway in 2015. In 2017, after extensive laboratory and field testing, it was utilized by a major international fuel company to return millions of litres of waste diesel back into spec quality fuel and also as a leave-in tank maintenance solution to keep fuel station tanks water-free at all times and prevent waste fuel from ever developing again. As a maintenance solution Aquafighter® keeps the fuel better-than-spec at all times, prevents bacteria/bug growth, reduces the need for filter replacement, eliminates the development of degraded/cloudy fuel and significantly reduces the wear on every part from the tank through to the engine.

Per Jahnsrud, "As a career long fuel professional, we worked hard to develop this Aquafighter® solution because we needed a cure to remove and capture all of the water throughout the tank because water causes so much damage and so many problems; not to mention the high cost of needing to polish saturated fuel. We know that when people use Aquafighter® for the first time, they will not want their fuel tanks to be without Aquafighter® again."

Aquafighter® has application far beyond farming and is ideal for diesel generators, trucks, boats, storage tanks of all sizes, construction and mining equipment and virtually any other accessible diesel tank.

We are pleased to present our Aquafighter® Partners from around the world. Each national partner is responsible for importing Aquafighter product & establishing in-country distribution and dealer networks at farm stores, coops, retailers and other outlets in all industries within their national markets.

David Pali and Mike Veloso (Canada)

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