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Crisis at the Border Increases Drug Trafficking and the Opioid Epidemic

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Erupting Overdose Rates of Opioids, Cocaine, Fentanyl, and Other Illegal Drugs Linked to Increased Drug Smuggling in the U.S.

We are not able to control what's in the supply of the drugs sold in our streets, but we can surely do a much better job in reducing the demand.”
— Clare Waismann, RAS/SUDCC, Waismann Method® and Domus Retreat® founder

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 / -- The clinical team at Waismann Method® is sounding the alarm on the drug trafficking crisis affecting United States citizens. The illegal drug trade, operating in the Western hemisphere via sophisticated and often violent criminal enterprises on land, air, and sea, certainly has a lucrative market. Recent data from the RAND Corporation suggests that Americans spend nearly $150 billion per year on illegal drugs, including methamphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, and opioids like fentanyl and heroin—a figure that rivals the amount spent on alcohol.

Massive drug busts continue to make headlines. In major cities and small rural communities alike, local law enforcement, special agents with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and other entities confiscate millions of dollars worth of drugs and implement policies to end drug-related violence and criminal activity. Yet despite these highly coordinated containment efforts, it appears that officials struggle to make a dent in the scope of the crisis. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 71,000 people lost their lives to drug overdose in 2019, and 70% of these deaths were related to opioids. Furthermore, data suggest that overdoses death associated with fentanyl spiked during the COCID-19 pandemic.

Regarding the troubling trend of illegal drug trafficking across U.S. borders, Waismann Method® founder and director Clare Waismann, RAS/SUDCC, said, "Fentanyl continues to come through our borders and flood our neighborhoods. Meanwhile, in these challenging times, more and more people are hurting emotionally, socially, and financially. More importantly, many people from all walks of life are currently suffering from untreated mental health issues, leading to an enormous rise in substance use, consequently seeking relief in the wrong places. We need to protect our citizens by doing a better job of controlling drug trafficking while providing the accessible mental health care and support our citizens so desperately need. I believe that with adequate emotional, professional care, based on each individual's specific health needs, we can significantly decrease the number of those seeking illicit drugs for self-medicating purposes. The results of these efforts are likely to be less suffering and fewer lives lost to fatal overdoses. We are not able to control what's in the supply of the drugs sold in our streets, but we can surely do a much better job in reducing the demand."

In this spirit, public health officials, policymakers, medical providers, community stakeholders, and individuals can combat the ongoing opioid epidemic by:

• Enhancing multidisciplinary prevention efforts.
• Protecting our streets from the influx of illegal drugs, especially fentanyl.
• Allocate more resources towards education, prevention, and addressing individual and community health needs.
• Providing plenty of accessible and individualized mental health care to all.
• Improving the standard of treatment for individuals affected by opioid use disorder. Including medical assistance and detoxification options.

Waismann Method® Opioid Treatment Specialists and Rapid Detox Center was established and continues to operate solely in Southern California since 1998. The center has helped thousands of people find freedom from opioid dependence. Led by quadruple board-certified medical director Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, their multidisciplinary clinical team provides comprehensive, science-based, personalized interventions for opioid detoxification that significantly reduce drug cravings while promoting new neural pathways in the brain for meaningful and long-lasting recovery. Their patient-first philosophy rests on the premise that individuals need individualized medical care and emotional support as their body and brain transition to a healthier path without the dependence on opioid drugs.

Waismann Method® is an internationally recognized leader in the medical treatment of opioid use disorder and a pioneer in the technique of sedation-assisted detox. Along with their exclusive Domus Retreat® recovery center, the Waismann Method® team continues to offer individuals suffering from opioid use disorder a one-of-a-kind, transformational experience using individualized, effective, and proven medical techniques to overcome an opioid withdrawal and the reduction of physical cravings. This comprehensive level of care provides patients a much higher chance to sustain a long-lasting recovery.

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