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Quionie Gaban Talks About Her New Website Passion Particle

USA, April 12, 2021 / -- 22-year-old founder of and Passion Particle talks about why she decided to launch her new website. According to Quionie Gaban, she wants more people to express and practice their passions and become the best of themselves.
Her new website Passion Particle has quickly become a huge success and gained exposure around the world. Looking at the new website, it is no wonder why it is fast becoming a major player in the motivational world.
Passion Particle is helping people to develop their passion and achieve their dreams, so we decided to sit down with Quionie Gaban to find out more about Passion Particle

1. First of all, please introduce yourself.
I’m Quionie Gaban, I am a 22-year-old Digital Content and Founder of and newly launched Passion Particle.

2. You have just launched a new website; can you explain more about your website?
I created Passion Particle because I want more people to express and practice their passions. No matter what anyone says, everyone needs passion in their life. You need it to push yourself, to motivate yourself. When you have no one else, your passion will be the one thing that inspires your drive.

3. So, when you refer to Passion Particle, what do you mean?
Human beings are made of particles. This is a scientific fact. But there is also an intangible particle inside of us that connects us to our drive and our fervor. A lot of people overlook this. Most people nowadays settle for jobs, relationships, and situations that are worth less than what they deserve. We need to start being passionate, we need to start pushing ourselves to feel alive.

4. You aim to inspire people to do more and achieve more, can you explain how your website will do that?
Passion Particle aims to be an artistic and scientific inspired movement with unique ability to bring elaborate stories to life with rich visual language. Our production company focuses on producing and showcasing untold stories from unique and passionate individuals. This is what makes everything so magical. I think I was born to tell stories- not just any stories, stories of those who deserve to be heard.

5. So, can visual storytelling really help to inspire people?
Visual storytelling is one of the main components that do inspire people. Visuals are a universal language. I believe that they are a tool for creating change for a better future. Visuals are incredibly inspirational and impactful because they can evoke emotions and persuade people to feel. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to feel something.

6. Why do you believe that some people succeed in life while others watch in envy?
Successful people chase after their passions. They have the drive; they have what it takes to make it to the top. Others watch in envy because more often times than not, they wish they would have done the same.

7. So, please explain how does your website work. If I was feeling less motivated, and really wanted some positivity in my life, what should I do when visiting your site?
I encourage you to read the articles on Passion Particle. We make it our mission to empower unique and inspirational individuals – it’s impossible for someone to read these stories and not feel touched.

8. Have you ever used visual storytelling to motivate your life?
My life is a visual story. Your life is a visual story. And within these stories, there are other smaller stories that shape your character, the events that occur in your life, and the places you end up being. These are all real-life visual stories. Passion Particle is a representation of our real-life stories.

9. Can anyone join your platform to help motivate others?
Currently, we are still building an interface for users to join, collaborate, and potentially publish. There are so many features being added soon, and we are continuously improving our platform. However, anyone can read the articles from anywhere in the world.

10. Some people may say that your platform is similar to Instagram, what would you say to those people?
Passion Particle is a platform where unique individuals are personally interviewed. There are a lot of things always happening in the background and behind the scenes. Most of our audience will often just focus on the published content. However, we are also sparking conversations with passionate and interesting people behind the scenes. It’s a win- win- win for everyone included in this production as well as our audience.

11. So, your aim is really to give people hope, provide them with a resource to feel more motivated and to succeed in their goal, either in their work life or personal life, is that right?
One of our aims is really to give people hope, provide them with a resource to feel more motivated, and to accomplish their goals. But I believe Passion Particle is a little deeper than that. Passion Particle is a group of stories that are specifically touching and empowering. We reach out to people with unique stories because we want to represent them. Whenever I explain the goal of Passion Particle, people often get taken aback and ask, “well what’s in it for you?”. I just laugh, because society is so used to being taken for granted about their individuality that they get skeptical when you do something purely for the sake of a deserving community.

12. Do you believe we all have passion inside us, and we can achieve what we want to achieve if we have the right resources?
With the right resources, anyone can follow their passion. Sometimes, what you think is your passion is not your passion. That is a personal and internal conflict that one has to resolve with themselves. However, often, following your passion will lead you down a road full of passions you would have never discovered otherwise. The key here is to realize that it is not about the destination. There is no one exact place you are supposed to end up. You just have to follow your passion, and it will lead you down a journey full of abundance.

13. So, what is next for your platform, what can people expect to see in the future?
In the future, will grow Passion Particle into a huge collection of inspiring and unique stories. We will also integrate a seamless user platform where users can interact with each other, engage with stories, and be rewarded. It will be like another social media platform- except people actually genuinely care about you.

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