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New Book Alex and Sam's Lemonade Stand Aims To Teach Children About Financially Literacy

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 12, 2021 / -- Teaching Financial literacy to children can help with their future. Many adults have little or no understanding of their finances, or how credit works. Having the lack of understanding can result in making the wrong financial choices, struggle with savings, and resulting in mass debt.

Parents and schools giving kids an early financial education pays off in the future. That knowledge allows parents and schools to insert a foundation in their lives to help build strong money habits and avoid the many mistakes that adults make today.

One person who aims to help teach children Financially Literacy is an author and film producer by the name of Emmanuel Olowe. He has written a book called Alex and Sam's Lemonade Stand. The children’s book which will be available in June has been credited for helping parents teach their children the importance of money.

We wanted to learn more about the book, so we got together with Emmanuel Olowe to learn more.

1. First of all please introduce yourself?

Hello and thank you for having me, my name is Emmanuel Olowe, but many people know me simply as Manny G. I'm mainly known for Film Production but I'm also into to a lot of stuff in the arts. I run a non-profit profit organization in Houston and an early learning center in Baytown. In my spare time a volunteer in a lot of youth mentorship programs and do other charitable work around the city. Infact I am in the final phases of finishing a book coming out in June aimed towards young people.

2. You have a book coming out in June, can you tell me more about that book?

The book is called Alex and Sam's Lemonade Stand, its about a boy named Alex that sees a skateboard in the store that he wants to buy. After Alex's Father explains to him about building a business and with the help of Alex's older brother Sam, Alex creates a lemonade stand. During the process of running the lemonade stand Alex learns a lot of valuable lessons in running a business.

3. Why did you decide to write the book?

Too encourage people from even an early age to learn and understand about financially literacy. I feel like growing up I was blessed to receive the wonderful education I received, however I was not taught much if anything about financial literacy. With the way technology is moving at such a fast pace I feel like this is the best time teach the up and coming generation about financial literacy so they can be equipped to handle the world as financially responsible adults.

4. You say that you decided to write the book because you were not taught financial literacy growing up, how did this affect you?

I will admit that it greatly affected me until I reached my twenties. I had poor and repulsive spending habits. I also wasn't such a great saver and I did not invest in stocks, bonds or crypto currency. I studied at a public university and took a classes in Finance, accounting, and marketing. and even after taking business courses in college there was still a few things I didn't learn about financial literacy. I took it upon myself to read, and self educate myself more on financial literacy.

5. But, you are a successful a Nigerian American Film Writer and Producer originally from Houston Texas, has not being taught about finance as a child really affected you?

Yes it greatly affected me, I was not always where I am today . I made a lot of poor financial decisions has a youth and I was not saving my earned income or investing. I am however grateful for the opportunity I was given in the film industry and with the income earned from there I was able to invest in myself and now I would like to use my platform to educate children on the importance of being financially literate.

6. How important is it to educate children on the importance of financial literacy?

It is extremely important for children to learn the importance of financial literacy. If parents don't teach their children from an early age how to be financially responsible they’ll have to learn the hard and expensive way.

7. There was a report a few years that said, a lot of young adults go into debt because they were not taught financial literacy as a child, what are your thoughts on that?

I believe that is what is affecting a lot of millennials today. A study done by TIAA found that only 16% of Millennials qualify as financially literate. This means a lot of young adults are debt one way or another because they was not taught how to be financially responsible from an early age, infact only 21 states in the U.S. require personal finance coursework in public schools.

8. So, how will your book teach children financial literacy?

The book will show children that instead of having to ask their parents to buy them everything they want they can earn it themselves even at an early age. The book uses a model in which children can relate to. Even though Alex was young he was still able to learn about starting a business and financial literacy.

9. What skills are you hoping children will learn?

As a child a lot of times parents just buy their children whatever they desire without giving the child real life lessons about money. I wrote this book aimed to teach child the importance of business and most importantly what I call the three D’s of finance which is diversification, dividends, and discipline.

10. So, you want to help parents raise money-smart kids, what is the ideal age for children to learn about finances and what age is your book aimed at?

As soon as possible the earlier the better. Parents can help their children to see money as a tool as well has understanding the numbers and math that go into running a business has an integral part of financial education. I would say that by primary school most children should grasp the concept of what it is to be financially responsible and have good money management skills. The book is aimed at elementary age children but children of all ages and even adults can learn from reading this book.

11. Can you tell me more about the characters in your book?

The main character is Alex he is a young boy who starts a neighborhood Lemonade stand with his older brother Sam who helps him with the business

12. What are the biggest misconceptions you see from people about kids and money?

A lot of adults feel like children are too young to learn and understand about Finance and that they will learn a majority about finance when they get older, Like it or not, the reality is that the responsibility of financial literacy for kids falls squarely on their parents. Parents can introduce the basics on how to manage money at an early age. Then the child can build on that foundation with more sophisticated concepts over time.

13. Can you tell me your three top tips for helping children understand about money?

Parents can act has creditors or like a bank and allow their young children to earn income through an allowance system. Parents should also show their children the importance of saving and investing their earned income and last but not least teach their children the ability to distinguish between wants and needs, needs include the basics, such as food, shelter, basic clothing, healthcare, and an education and wants are all the extras like a new game system, designer sneakers, a bike or the latest IPhone.

14. What do you hope people will get from your book?

The importance of being financial literate especially at a young age, and the importance of being an entrepreneur and how anyone can start a business with adequate planning and spending.

15. If more schools around the world taught financial literacy, do you believe less people would be in debt?

Absolutely If more schools globally implemented financial literacy in their curriculum I believe a lot of young adults will make wiser decisions on how to spend and invest their time and money, and be able to start and operate a successful small business.

16. Where will your book be available?

Alex and Sam's Lemonade Stand will be available for purchase on Amazon and

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