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USA, April 8, 2021 / -- Antina Campbell, writer of the short film “Our Kind”, will visit the George Floyd Memorial site in Minneapolis in anticipation of the release date later this summer. She wants to feel the spirit of the space and gather inspiration to incorporate into her upcoming film. “Our Kind” is a story that will challenge you to think beyond yourself and ask, “Is It Just the Color of Our Skin that Divides Us?” You will be forced to confront your way of thinking about your upbringing and take a good, honest look at your heart and mind when you think about systemic racism. Campbell says, “In the beginning was the word and the word was love and the word is love.”

This film was conceived on June 13,2020 for the virtual scene studio course Campbell attended at Richard Lawson Studio during COVID 19. It soon evolved into a 15-minute fiction drama film after Campbell saw the news reports on police brutality towards African American men. “The labor pains have been excruciating, but well worth the journey,” Campbell says of her film. Directed by award-winning producers Gingi Rochelle and Nia Hill, the film will address racism, sexism and socialism all from the point of view of a 17-year-old African American young man with Asperger Syndrome, a 60-year-old racist European man played by Academy Award/Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts and a 70-year-old African American retired theatrical arts professor, played by NAACP Image Award winner Starletta DuPois. Viewers will be challenged to analyze themselves about racism and love. The goal of “Our Kind” is for individuals to search their heart and evaluate the level of love that one has for himself or herself that produces fear, awakens hate and establishes a racist behavior.

Campbell was compelled to write this film after seeing the TV news stories about the murders of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as the murder of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, Georgia. Both events made her think of the men in her family and how it could have been her son, father or any other male family member in that position. She asked God, “Lord, why do they hate us so much? After 400 years, is it just the color of our skin that continues to divide us?” The response that she received was: “Love conquers all. Write about love, Antina.”

Antina Campbell is an African American actress, writer, and producer. Her acting career began in 2018 on the set of “Unusual Predictions” as Linda. She then went on to star as Veronica on “Cycles” in 2020. Prior to that, she was behind the scenes as a professional stage manager and music entertainment manager and other forms of nonprofit production for film festivals, theater, etc.

For more information about this film, please contact Antina Campbell at or (323) 486-2165. “Our Kind” will be released late summer.

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