SafeLend launches new program allowing Canadian vehicle owners to refinance their vehicle to lower their interest rates

SafeLend Canada Vehicle Refinance and Car Loan Optimization Specialists

SafeLend Canada Vehicle Refinance and Car Loan Optimization Specialists

Canadians struggling with unreasonably high-interest vehicle loans can now access a simple program to lower their interest rate in as little as 30 minutes.

We know this is game-changing for the auto finance sector in Canada, and to be able to help people better their Auto Loan Rate and position from the comfort of their home is a great feeling!”
— Chris Melnyk
NEW LOWELL, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 7, 2021 / -- SafeLend Canada announced today the launch of their new vehicle refinance and car loan optimization program allowing Canadian vehicle owners burdened by unreasonably high-interest vehicle loans to lower the interest on their current vehicle and potentially save thousands of dollars over the ownership period of the vehicle.

The new program is a first in Canada and makes it possible to secure better financing terms on people's current car loans without the hassle of getting a new vehicle. This new option for Canadians allows people to solve one of the principal causes of their high monthly car payments without trading in their vehicle and potentially having to finance negative equity and the dealership's profit on the new vehicle.

“We knew there was a way to help customers struggling with high-interest rate vehicle loans, and we felt obligated to do something about it,” said Richard Goneau, SafeLend's Chief Operating Officer. “We know how confusing it is to purchase a vehicle, let alone making the right decision when it comes to financing it. Without all the information to make the right decision today, people end up paying a hefty price for years to come. This is why we want to help customers end the cycle of throwing away good money after bad by trading in their high-interest vehicle loan, just to wind up back in the same situation (...) once you go down that road, it's tough to steer off” adds Mr. Goneau.

SafeLend Canada guarantees clients will thoroughly understand all their vehicle financing options to help them make every decision with the utmost confidence.

On average, customers taking advantage of the new program could save between $35-$75 a month on their monthly car loan payment, potentially saving them thousands of dollars over the term of the loan in interest.

“I have always wanted to be able to do something different, to support customers in the retail automotive financing field. Having the opportunity to help people and bring this new platform to consumers, while building partnerships with lenders that could see and share our vision of being able to reward consumers have been an amazing journey so far and one that promises an exciting ride ahead,” said Chris Melnyk, SafeLend's CEO.

SafeLend's new program provides a very simple non-complicated process to ensure practical financing that is available to suit everyone’s needs and prides itself on being dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients.

"We know that most people experiencing credit challenges are uncomfortable about their situation and somewhat reluctant to discuss their situation with anyone, particularly someone in a car dealership. This new way to refinance your current auto loan is so safe, secure and discreet that you are able to do right from your home, and best of all, you get to keep the vehicle you love and trust," adds Mr. Melnyk.

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Lenders interested in joining SafeLend's lending platform can reach out directly to SafeLend's management team by phone or email.

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