Canadian consumers can now protect the future value of any new or preowned vehicle they buy or lease

Certified Trade-in Value Program now available to all Canadian vehicle shoppers

Canadian vehicle shoppers are now able to certify the future value of their next new or preowned car, truck, SUV or crossover to better protect their investment

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 13, 2020 / -- Turbo Marketing Solutions and SecurPlus today launched an educational platform that will allow Canadian car dealers to learn more about the Certified Trade-in Value program. Effective immediately, Canadian vehicle shoppers can request their Certified Trade-in Value certificate on any new or pre-owned vehicles they chose to buy or lease.

The Certified Trade-in Value program is available in all provinces and territories, and will allow vehicle shoppers to protect their automotive investment against depreciation caused by market factors such as rising fuel prices, recalls, discontinued models, low demand, and other impossible to predict events.

Dealers can access the Certified Trade-in Value educational platform here.

The Certified Trade-in Value offered to Canadian vehicle buyers activates at the midway point of their purchase or lease finance contract, or at a dealer-selected point in time on cash deals. During the 30-day activation window, the vehicle owner or lessee with a Certified Trade-in Value protected vehicle can trade it in and receive a compensation of up to $2,000 when the vehicle’s trade-in value is less than the future or “Certified” value shown on their certificate.

The values are powered by Canadian Black Book, a program partner. The obligations arising form the Certified Trade-in Value certificates are insured by Northbridge Insurance. The program is managed by SecurPlus. Interested dealers can contact Turbo Marketing Solutions to start offering the protection to their customers immediately.

"Many dealerships tout the resale value of the vehicles they sell, but now they have access to a marketing program that allows them to put their money where their mouth is by essentially guaranteeing the future value of every vehicle they sell" explains Vincent Gallo, President of SecurPlus.

According to a report by credit-rating agency Moody's, the number of Canadian consumers with negative equity on their vehicles continues to rise. In large part, this phenomenon is due to the trend towards longer term auto loans. (Automotive News Canada) “Longer consumer auto-loan terms increase ‘negative equity’ ... because vehicle values fall faster than the loan is repaid," the Moody's report states.

"We firmly believe that the Certified Trade-in Value program is an effective tool that dealerships can wield to reverse this negative trend simply by maximizing the amount a customer can receive for their trade-in, thereby minimizing the negative equity on their next car loan" adds Daniel Roux, one of the co-creators of the program.

The Certified Trade-in Value educational platform was created by Turbo Marketing Solutions to help dealers better understand the program and quickly launch it in their respective markets in order to gain a powerful competitive advantage.

"We believe the Certified Trade-in Value program will be great for both customer and dealer alike, because everyone understands that any loss in a vehicle’s value will not come out of the dealer’s pocket," said Lucie Gauvreau, the CEO of Turbo Marketing Solutions.

Vehicle shoppers interested in knowing more about the Certified Trade-in Value program can visit:

Dealers interested in knowing more about the program can access the Certified Trade-in Value educational platform here.

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