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"I created Strategies Tips & Secrets to empower private practice dentists to take control over the trajectory of their practice growth. Says AIM Dental Marketing's president Daniel A. 'Danny' Bobrow.”
— Daniel A. 'Danny' Bobrow, MBA (marketing, MBA (finance)
CHICAGO, IL, USA, April 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Since its founding in 1989 AIM Dental Marketing has remained on the leading edge of dental marketing practice and technology. From its humble beginnings 32 years ago as mailing list brokers to their present offering consisting of the most comprehensive array of practice building and patient communications tactics in the profession, AIM has retained its commitment to full transparency and accountability.

AIM now offers private practice dentists the opportunity to benefit from its 32 years working with thousands of practices across North America with its Free Do-It-Yourself dental marketing mastery course entitled Strategies, Tips & Secrets.

The course is, as the name implies, a series of actionable strategies, tips and secrets that will
 attract more patients and transform your dental practice.

Dental marketing expert Danny Bobrow reveals the same process he has used for over 30 years to grow dental practices like yours.

The offering includes:

-Excel-based Dental Marketing Plan
-How to win the dental marketing game
-Taking AIM (attracting, impressing, and motivating) with your website
-SEO, PPC & Social Media tactics you can deploy today to Win The Google Ranking Game
-What it takes to attract new patients with cause marketing – your secret weapon for building immediate trust
-Tools to make reliable dental marketing decisions
-Insights on branding and website design
-Website visitor follow-up campaign strategies
-Principles of effective direct mail in the New Economy
-How to transform your Team into Appointment Scheduling Superheroes
-The simple process to Analyze, Implement, and Monitor your Integrated Dental Marketing Plan

The course is delivered in twenty-two digestible emails each Monday. Subscribers also receive Oral Systemic Health Saturday; a series of communications presenting how to build and benefit from an oral systemic practice model.

Following completion of the course, enrollees may apply to receive 10 hours of PACE-Approved continuing education credit with the compliments of AIM Dental Marketing.

Dental Practice owners who are ready to transform their practice may enroll here.

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