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Where are the Workers?

Reduce Labor Costs and don't worry about Minimum Wage Increasing

Help with Restaurant Staffing is Here

Restaurants need good quality hourly employees

This service helps Restaurant owners resolve staffing problems”
— Elliot Mason
LACONIA, NH, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / -- COVID 19 took a toll on restaurants and still is. One of the concerns we didn’t anticipate was a lack of employees. When employment is at one the highest rates ever, how is it possible there are not enough employees? Stimulus checks and the unemployment system was intended to assist workers who were let go during COVID restrictions has left a shortage of employees for restaurant franchises. Previous employees have chosen to stay on unemployment or use their stimulus rather than return to work.

This trend began when people felt safer at home or stayed home to help their children e-learn. However, this trend continues as restaurants reopen and it has left the restaurant industry short on workers. As restaurants reopen to full capacity, they are struggling to fill their employee schedule with good quality employees.

Kanekt 365 has answered this need for over five years. Jeffrey Morin CEO of Kanekt 365 says, “Restaurants outsource their phone ordering system to us. We hire call center agents on their behalf thereby reducing their staffing costs. These new members of their team are Kanekt employees that we interview, train, and manage.” Kanekt knows from years within the pizza call center industry that using a call center reduces labor costs for a storefront restaurant approximately 3-5%.

Kanekt 365, a leading call center provider for the restaurant industry solves one of the biggest problems for restaurant franchises--- staffing.

Morin goes on to explain, “Kanekt 365 not only fills a restaurant’s need for employees but we do it with exceptional quality call center agents that we manage. The reduced cost of labor typically pays for the Kanekt 365 service.”

As the new minimum wage begins to roll out across the United States, restaurant owners will need to reduce their staffing costs. Now is the time to try out the Kanekt system that solves both problems at the same time. Kanekt 365 will help fill the gaps in staffing now and show restaurants how they will be able to manage the new minimum wage costs that we all know are coming.

Kanekt doesn’t require long term contracts. It’s a great time to give Kanekt a try to show how financially advantageous it can be for your restaurant. It’s always better to prepared early.

Kanekt has over 600 current pizza restaurants around the United States who currently use the call center. The company presently operates four call centers with over 2000 call agents. These agents answer 150,000 calls a week. Kanekt is preparing for a hiring surge so they are prepared for the increase in sales.

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