True Wearables Announces SpBP, the new Blood Pressure Parameter for Oxxiom Sports and Aviation

Oxxiom App with SpBP™ functionality

Oxxiom for Sports and Aviation is the only pulse oximeter that offers continuous monitoring of peripheral blood pressure and SpO2 measurements over 100%.

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA, USA, March 22, 2021 / -- True Wearables Inc., the designer and manufacturer of Oxxiom for Sports and Aviation, the world’s first wireless, completely cordless, continuous, single-use, fully disposable pulse oximeter, is announcing the release of the new Oxxiom App for Sports and Aviation, version 1.7.0.
The new Oxxiom App enables continuous and noninvasive monitoring of peripheral blood pressure at the measurement site (SpBP™️).
The Oxxiom Pulse Oximetry System for Sports and Aviation has built-in True Wearables’ proprietary real-time algorithms that enable continuous SpBP™️ measurements. SpBP™️ is a noninvasive estimate of the peripheral systolic and diastolic blood pressure at the measurement site in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).
According to True Wearables’ CEO Dr. Marcelo Lamego, “SpBP™️ is a general fitness and wellness measurement functionality designed for improving physical fitness, developing or increasing endurance, promoting relaxation, managing stress, enhancing the user’s participation in sports/aviation or other recreational activities.”
In August 2019, the Oxxiom App version 1.6.0 introduced the continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation (SpO2) values above 100.0% and up to 105.0%, with resolution of 0.1%. The functionality enables athletes to better measure the efficacy of their workouts as well as get a better understanding of their fitness level. Also, it allows aviators to better monitor their oxygen saturation.
According to True Wearables’ Director of Marketing Tatiana Buticosky Lamego, “SpBP™️ is not only a unique bio-sensing parameter: the complete absence of cuffs greatly improves the user's comfort level. We will continue to implement new, unique, and proprietary technologies in Oxxiom in order to bring convenience, comfort, and more information to our customers.”

CAUTION: This device is intended for sports and aviation use only. Individuals who need a pulse oximeter due to a medical condition should contact their physician. NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE.

CAUTION: The SpBP™️ measurement functionality is NOT intended for clinical applications. Individuals who need to monitor their blood pressure due to a medical condition should contact their physician. NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE.

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