True Wearables Announces Oxxiom 2 for Sports and Aviation

Oxxiom 2 is the world's first wireless, continuous, single-use, fully disposable pulse oximeter combined with a thermometer in a single device.

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA, USA, July 27, 2020 / -- True Wearables announces Oxxiom 2 for Sports and Aviation, the world’s first wireless, continuous, fully disposable single-use pulse oximeter and thermometer. Oxxiom 2 is the only pulse oximetry system that combines a thermometer and a pulse oximeter operating together in a small, lightweight, easy to use device. Oxxiom 2 has no cables of any kind, offering a very comfortable and convenient user experience. The device weighs only 0.12 oz and is completely disposable, helping reduce the risk of cross-contamination during pandemics, and not requiring any kind of cleaning or sterilization.

According to Dr. Marcelo Lamego, True Wearables’ CEO, “Oxxiom’s second generation was announced to celebrate the second anniversary of Oxxiom shipments to customers. True Wearables has recently reached a milestone with the FDA clearance of Oxxiom Rx, the world’s first wireless, completely cordless, fully disposable, single-use pulse oximeter. Our company intends to create new and unique technologies in order to bring convenience and comfort to our users”.

Oxxiom 2 measures oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), perfusion index (PI) and temperature (Temp) from 0 to 50 Celsius (32 to 122 Fahrenheit). Oxxiom 2 also measures oxygen saturation over 100% up to 105% in 0.1% increments, allowing athletes to have a better understanding of their fitness’ levels.

The device operates continuously for at least 24 hours, and transmits data wirelessly to the Oxxiom App, available at the Apple Store.

Oxxiom 2 for Sports and Aviation is not a medical device and has not yet been cleared/approved by the FDA.
Oxxiom Rx Pulse Oximetry System is a prescription only device and has been cleared by the FDA.
All specifications are subjected to change without notice.

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