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Top NYC Influencer, Elma Beganovich, discusses influencer marketing strategies on podcast episode

Influencer marketing - growing a brand in a digital society and what you need to know when forming partnerships.

Essentially, now, anybody can, kind of get into the game in terms of to be seen by millions of people if you're savvy enough to use the technology available.”
— Elma Beganovich, co-founder of Amra & Elma

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2021 / -- In the latest episode of the EventBuzz podcast, created by Purplepass for event professionals, we had the privilege of speaking with one of New York City’s top lifestyle influencers.

Elma Beganovich joined the show to talk about her influencer experience, how she made it to the top and turned her influential power into a successful marketing agency. Her current business, A&E, was started with her sister Amra Beganovich, building a digital marketing empire together. Throughout the show, Beganovich gave insights into what it takes to become an influencer, the power of influencer marketing and why brands’ should consider these partnerships.

“People are spending more time online on their mobiles…that shifted the dynamics from physical location because of the lockdowns as well” says Beganovich. “In terms of promotion and marketing, it’s been a very, very, abrupt change…social media is developing technologies, anywhere from Instagram swipe ups to tracking ROI, traffic, IGTV, Instagram Live. Instagram has become essential for shopping as well…”.

Influencer marketing is predicted to grow to be worth $13.8 billion this year, with 75% of brands having a dedicated budget for influencers in 2021 according to

Beganovich suggests that brands do their research and consider professional support as budgeting for partnerships can quickly become complex and confusing is you're not familiar with influencer rates.

“You really have to know the influencer market. I mean, now it’s become so vast, so you know, if you’re within the beauty industry, really roll up your sleeves and understand who is in that space.” Beganovich also refers to this as the epicenter of influence. According to the marketing agency, it’s crucial that brand’s identify the epicenter fo influence. Someone within a brand’s niche that is labeled as a trend-setter, closely watched by large numbers of people online. A person that possibly holds the right preferences and behaviors that can make or break your business.

- Tips for influencers during the pandemic

“The way to win your followers’ attention is also to be relatable, meaning, that they can see themselves doing what you’re doing” says Beganovich. The pandemic has shifted how business function and services they offer. This shift also included influencers and their brands.

“Basically the stay at home economy shifted to you know, workout videos, shifted to cooking, even gardening” says Beganovich. Meaning, the key to building good content is to stay relevant with the trends. If your specialty was travel vlogs and adventure accounts, this is not relevant at the moment with current stay-at-home orders. Instead, travel lifestyle accounts had to change up their content to be more relevant with the state of things. This might have included small excursions in a local area, mental health tips, or posts at home.

For more insights on influencer marketing, what it takes to be an influencer and what it takes to work with one, you can listen to the entire interview here. Or search for the EventBuzz podcast on your favorite streaming platform like Spotify or Pandora.

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