Strasis Systems Announces Limelight XE Version 2.2 Command and Control Software

Limelight XE infrastructure

Connection Diagram of Display Clients, Limelight XE Servers and Hardware Devices

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New Limelight XE console advanced alarm management features

Setting up a command and control center just got easier...

LAKE MARY, FL, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2021 / -- Setting up a command and control center, even a simple one inside a small or medium sized organization can seem like a daunting task. There is the physical hardware, protocols and databases, displays and consoles as well as a means to access it all. Limelight XE™ is a client-server platform that can provide the framework for both edge processing (putting computing resources near the hardware where it's needed) and centralized control (your command center) across multiple markets.

The latest release of Limelight XE™ provides new and exciting features making it easier than ever to create a command and control center for your business or enterprise. New version 2.2 features include

- Advanced video object detection, heat maps and recording give your organization the ability to track the flow of traffic, count people, cars or other moving objects, provide surveillance and record video while pushing alarms to a central station. The video driver also manages storage and can automatically free space as required.

- The new enhanced console can be used immediately for operator stations without coding or development. The latest Limelight Interface Architect tool provides the ability to create beautiful, fully hardware accelerated display walls or user interfaces hosted from one or more central Limelight XE™ servers for a complete and integrated command center.

- The Modbus TCP protocol driver supports a multitude of existing PLCs and sensors to integrate automation hardware into your system.

- Networking drivers support Syslog and SNMP protocols directly allowing integrated alarm management within the Limelight XE™ framework.

- High performance, multithreading HTTP / REST server built directly into the framework allows third party or custom web interfaces. Documentation includes a complete REST API to access all features, objects and properties within the Limelight XE™ framework.

- Central server supports driving display walls directly utilizing the Limelight Display Client and driver.

- Full ECMA-6 compliant scripting engine and debugger allows complete customization of the environment for specific applications. Console debugger supports ECMA-48 SGR escape codes for a richer debugging interface.

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