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A Unity Centered Free Speech Social Networking Platform Gets Targeted Again



Brandon Irlbeck (CEO YoReSpot)

Brandon Irlbeck (CEO YoReSpot)

YoReSpot is targeted by Merchant Companies, this time on a personal level.

BAYARD, IOWA, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2021 / -- YoReSpot, started by Brandon Irlbeck from Bayard, Iowa, is a Social Network Platform centered around uniting people of all beliefs and views. Despite standing for peace among people, YoReSpot and Irlbeck have been targeted by PayPal, Inc. and other Merchant Companies. The first time it was PayPal shutting down YoReSpot’s business account, quickly followed by Stripe doing the same. On 3/14/2021, it was Venmo, this time targeting Irlbeck and his family personally. Venmo has placed a permanent restriction on Irlbeck’s account, warning him to remove all references to Venmo from YoReSpot.

“It truly does come down to who is in control,” Irlbeck said, “we can’t really save money if we can’t keep it or even transfer it to a bank. First it was PayPal locking our business account, then Stripe and now it’s Venmo. What’s even worse, they locked my fiance's account as well, with the same warnings.”

Irlbeck and his fiance both received an email from Venmo within minutes of each other. The emails said the exact same thing, that their accounts have been permanently limited and discontinued. The email went on to ask both parties to remove all reference of Venmo from their social media accounts, despite both accounts being personal and not linked to YoReSpot in any way. Multiple attempts were made by Irlbeck to have his account total, over $14,000, transferred to a bank, and was denied repeatedly. Thus effectively leaving Venmo in possession of personal funds, including tax returns and government stimulus payments, which were distributed to help the people of the United States make it through the Novel Covid-19 Pandemic.

Irlbeck immediately reached out to his attorneys for contract review and advice. They went through every transaction, credit and debit, and concluded that neither party violated any Terms or Conditions set by Venmo. They then reviewed YoReSpot, and the only references to Venmo are about how their accounts are used for personal purposes.

“Where does the line get drawn?” Irlbeck asks, “All we have used Venmo for is to pay bills, help friends and family, purchase food, gas, and other essentials. I am a Conservative Republican, and while we’ve been getting targeted more and more, my fiance is a left-leaning Libertarian. She was targeted as well, and from what we can tell, purely by association with me.”

Irlbeck’s attorneys stated that they believe this is only the beginning; not just for Irlbeck or YoReSpot, but for Republicans in general. There have been many right-leaning people and businesses alike targeted through not only PayPal, Inc. but by multiple other companies as well. Irlbeck will continue to work to get their personal funds released, and also press for action by his attorneys to help stop the targeting of families purely based on their political views.

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