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New company formed to help small and medium-sized businesses protect themselves from cybercrime.

USA, March 15, 2021 / -- Orlando, FL
In a world of trickery, Cyber S.A.F.E., Inc. is here to help educate their clients on the ever-growing problem of improving your business network security . “Most cyber events that seem instantaneous, happen over a period of months. A weak link in a company’s network security policy is found and then hackers will, generally, target upper management credentials to get access to private and valuable documents. The hacker will then encrypt those files and demand money for you to get them back. It seems like it all happened that day, but that’s not usually the case”, explains Scott Lumpkin, CEO of Cyber S.A.F.E., Inc. “With the proper network security measures in place, it should be virtually impossible to accomplish that goal”.

Peace of Mind
With our protection services, which incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning, we provide clients with a sense of relief. The protection from the possible threat of cybercrime is now checked off. It allows executives to move on with their daily agenda and address other facets of their business

Simple and Robust Solutions

Corporate network design can be a tedious, and often painful process for those involved in its creation. Especially in today’s work-from-home centric world of virtual private networks and home-accessible intranets.

Using an extensive hands-on knowledge of network design, as well as industry-best-practice reference implementations, Cyber S.A.F.E, Inc, engineers will help craft a network that can handle a company's needs.

Here to Help
Having a full coverage of cyber security is efficient, effective, and more affordable than ever. Cyber S.A.F.E. offers a free network security scan to any new client and their staff is able to communicate effectively with the IT department or the executive staff.

Great ROI
Investing in proper cyber security in Orlando now can prevent a lot of major problems down the road; problems that could be catastrophic to a company’s finances and/or reputation.

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