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Much Anticipated Movie “KOKO” released on Amazon Prime & Tubi

FLORIDA, USA, March 8, 2021 / -- The movie is about Randy, a guy who wants to marry his dog. It's an impressive work of art that has gathered attention and is ready to go viral for a fascinating subject matter

Filmmaker, Anjani Pandey is proud to announce the release of his new film titled KOKO. Koko, an unusual story of the young financial expert, Randy and his solitary genuine friend... his canine named Koko. The movie will feature the story that forces the audience to re-evaluate the matrimony bond. For the first time, a movie will tell the story about a man and dog who are going to tie the knot. The movie captures the mixed emotions from those around them. While some stand beside Randy and his decision; not everyone is celebrating.

The feature film has been in festivals and awards circles, earning accolades and recognitions including Best Screenplay at United States Film Festival, 2019, Critic Film Award at NJIIFF, 2020, Best Audience Choice at Sunshine City Film Festival, 2021 and Award of MERIT at DOFIFF, 2021

This production is filled with a list of talented cast and crew members who worked tirelessly to deliver a superb presentation. The screenplay is written by J. Scott Vajner. Anjani Pandey is the director and producer. Some of the film cast members include Anthony Esposito, Dulaney Sundin, Rachel Willis, Travis Chase, Celia Isla, Sean Collins, Andrew Kranz, John Parsonson, Nautic Von Horn. There are too many to name.

What makes Koko so exciting and appealing to movie fans is the way it uniquely defines love. While same- gender couples have become widely accepted and their marriages validated, Koko takes the human-canine bond to the next level. Randy, falling in love with his “best friend”, is one thing, but trying to go further by getting married, rides on the varied emotions redefining what relationships should hold.

Anjani Pandey, a Florida-based director and producer is credited for the creativity and logistics of this extraordinary story. He would like to see it reach wider audiences, worldwide.


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