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Part My Day Available for Download Now; Application Set to Revolutionize How People Explore the World Online

BERLIN, GERMANY, March 5, 2021 / -- Travel is one of the most frequently cited activities that the average person would like the opportunity to do more of, however for various reasons cannot. Often time and money are cited as holding back that dream for many.

But a new application launched by FroXx, is set to change that by creating an immersive experience that can allow users to become immersed in exotic lands alongside locals, and without ever leaving the couch.

Part My Day is available for download now on the Apple store and the Google Play store.

“Especially in 2020, we have all seen the need to be able to connect with others shifting to remote and online solutions,” said Vasile Nedelcu, FroXx Chief technologist. “With this application we want to take simple interactions with others to another level. Part My Day is more than just a way to video chat with others, it is a way to explore events and locations anywhere in the world, safely and easily.”

The application connects an “explorer” with a “host” to experience joyful moments for any kind of interesting events, from a cooking lesson to a tour of an ancient temple.
Nedelcu led the development team and sees an endless amount of uses for the platform.

“The ability to connect with others in a meaningful way has been so badly compromised this year, I wanted to design an experience that gives users the ability to actually feel like they are there traveling with their host. And there are so many ways such moments or events can enhance the lives of both the hosts and the explorers.”

While the use of one-to-one and group video chat software has exploded in the last year, no platform offers the ability for users to quickly and easily create a virtual experience that can be shared with others that have the same interest.

And Part My Day creates a richer experience than a standard video chat by allowing the interaction in a group setting and allows interaction closer to an in-person experience, through real time one-to-one communication, within reach almost anywhere you can go in the world.

“It is one thing to see the ancient ruins of a city and hear about the civilization,” he said. “It is quite another to be immersed in the past culture and understand their way of life and the events that led up to the fall of that civilization. Through Part My Day virtual visitors have the opportunity to experience wonders of different places, walking away with more knowledge about the location more than the tour guide or a teacher in a classroom with a traditional history lesson could ever provide.”

After download setting up the application is effortless. The user can enter into explorer or host mode.

As an explorer the user selects a category of interest. At launch Part My Day had approximately 20 event categories, within each explorers’ list the details, including price, of their event.
“One of the most innovative features,” Nedelcu said. “Is the ability for a user to quickly and easily set up an immersive mobile experience and execute it in a way that can be profitable.”

Session costs are set by the host, but Nedelcu said he expects an important number of free experiences may be available to explorers.

“Maybe you want to show a friend around a park in your new neighborhood,” Nedelcu said. “This application is perfect for that, but that is not a situation where you would charge an event fee. Nevertheless, if you have an engine repair class attended by a lot of people interested in learning; perhaps that is a situation where you may charge a few dollars a one-to-one session and make a little profit.”

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About FroXx GmbH
FroXx GmbH is a startup launched in the Greater Berlin Germany area in July of 2020 after months of development into the Part My Day mobile application. The company looks for solutions for digitization and preparation for the requirements of Industry 4.0, both in product and service development, 3D remote services and in consulting and system integration activities.
The vision of the company is to “merge” people, machines, technology, and processes in the Industry 4.0, facilitating an integrative interaction of people with technology within an organization.
FroXx considers the Digital Transformation a crucial component for advancements towards Industry 4.0.

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