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New Song: “We Are The United States” Aims To Encourage America

What do you love about America?

USA, March 4, 2021 / -- Singer, Karen invites you to visit her YouTube video, listen to the song, “We Are The United States”, and share what you Love about America!

This new campaign has been launched to encourage positive communications about America.
Karen, who has also written the song, wants to encourage positive communications about our Unified Love for the United States and invites people to share all the things they love about America.

The “We Are The United States” video is on her YouTube channel which has already become a huge success!

The song celebrates America and invites people to remember and share great things about America.

The campaign has been described as one of the Most Important Morale-boosting campaigns of 2021!

This song will not only help bring people together, but may also help to encourage more tourism.

This video, provides a place for people to communicate their love for America to each other and the world and to remind each other why America is one of the best places to live on the planet.

The COVID19 pandemic tested America.
As the number of people with mental health issues, divorce rates, family conflict, and job losses increased, our Morale Decreased!

Karen is sharing the song, “We Are The United States” to help Boost Our Morale.

Karen wants people to remember and share what they Love about our country.
She wants to encourage them with the realization that we will Conquer and Thrive through this turbulent time as we have Thrived and Conquered through the many turbulent times in our past.

The song, “We Are The United States” reminds us that we Americans are a Resilient people with a Unified Love for our country!

“The heart of the American people is a Loving one! I want to bring people together and to invite them to remember and share what they Love about our great country”, Karen said.

To listen to the new song and to share what You Love about America, please visit

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