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Patricia Yunghanns Interview: Patricia Yunghanns Talks About Her New Book And Life As An Author

USA, March 3, 2021 / -- Patricia Yunghanns, from Palm Beach, Florida, has become a well-known name in the book world. She has released, Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World: Reflections, A Brief History of Change, and The Origin of Awareness, which are all available on Amazon.

Now, the author has announced she is set to release another book later this year. Her forthcoming book is set to be her best offering yet, and news of the book has already got her fans excited. So, we decided to speak to Patricia Yunghanns and find out more about being an author and where she puts pen to paper.

This is what Patricia Yunghanns had to say.

1. First of all, please introduce yourself. Patricia Yunghanns is both my name and my primary nom de plume. To this, I would say that I am an American and an author who has lived on the island of Palm Beach for the past two decades.

2. Please tell our readers something that only your parents know about you? That is an interesting question. As oddly as this might sound, I would say that it would need to be the fact that I am the world’s worst candidate for a haircut.

3. You are an author, what age were you when you got interested in writing? I always sensed that my last days would involve writing. Yet, I would say that my real interest in writing could be attached to my teens.

4. One of the first pieces of writing you did was poetry, as someone who taught poetry, and as someone who had one of their poems broadcast on American TV, I understand how hard it is to make money from poetry. What would you like to see happen to make poetry more financially profitable, and would you like to see more young people encouraged to write and read poetry?

That is quite an achievement. My congratulations to you. After all, poetry is so fundamental to any kind of writing, and in some ways, I would say that poetry is the finest of all arts. In my view, it is a special kind of discipline and a unique connection with words. Poetry can push the figurative to a level of beauty that no other tool is capable of achieving. From the great epics to the sonnets of Shakespeare, the absurdity of Samuel Beckett, or the emotions of Maya Angelo, poetry is an element of human culture that is a fundamental block. It would be a pleasure to see all young people encouraged to learn about poetry, write poetry, and engaged in poetry reading.

To the first part of your question, if it were left to my recommendation, I would say that integrating poetry more into our education curriculum and allowing poetry to be a subject on its own that represents a bridge between art, literature, and logic would be an excellent starting point.

5. Patricia Yunghanns, as mentioned, you are an author who has written several books which includes A Brief History of Change, Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World, and The Origin of Awareness, which are all available on Amazon and all great online bookstores.

6. What age were you when you decided you wanted to write books, and what did your family think? My family is rooted in philanthropy. I am the great-granddaughter of a prominent philanthropist who died on a street named after him. From a very early age, my mind was directed to be focused on engagement in the charitable aspects of life. So, serving others was the main focus of my family. Yet, very early, my family introduced me to reading and writing. I can recall using crayons to draw over the words of picturesque pamphlets. From then to now, I would say that I always imagined that whatever path I took in life, my last days would include writing.

7. Who would you say your audience is when you are writing your books? I would say that I write for individuals who have a desire to grow intellectually.

8. You say your books are a journey, can you explain what you mean by that? When I say that my books are a journey, I am referring, in part, to the fact I start with basic elements that I share in an extremely clear and most apparent manner. Then I bring those elements together to reveal concepts, notions, or the like that would otherwise be quite strenuous to access had the reader not taken part in the previous moments.

9. You have a new book coming out, can you give me more details about it, and tell our readers when it will be released? My next book will be released later this year. It is a novel and a continuation of elements I began outlining in my novel, A Brief History of Change, and in my novel, The Origin of Awareness. The novel is similar to Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder and very much science-based. It involves quite a bit of science. I believe that I have made a genuine effort to explain the science involved in a manner that anyone could understand, follow along, and feel that his or her knowledge has been enriched. I do believe that readers will discover that it is both meaningful, useful, and intellectually entertaining.

10. The new novel involves a lot of science, so what research did you do? Yes, my new book involves quite a bit of science. I have a degree in chemistry. So, I have used the basic developments of chemistry. I stay within the academically agreed-upon findings. It is more in the manner of sequence that I have combined the various aspects that leads to new revelations.

11. A lot of writers have a different way of writing their books. Some writers like to go to a café and write, while others do it in the park, some writers have even said they dress up as their character, so how do you prepare when writing, and where do you do most of your writing? Actually, I do not have very specific places I would prefer to be when I am about to write. However, I find that to write most efficiently, I like blocks of time for what is analogous to meditation sessions.

12. What would you say to a young person who is thinking about becoming a writer, what advice would you give them? I would tell a young person who is thinking about becoming a writer to please share your individual gifts with the world and do not be too shy to do so.

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