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Berman Arts Agency: The ART of CONNECTING - Public Art in Private Places & Private Art in Public Places

Lisa M. Berman

Berman Arts Agency has one of the most premier and satisfied client lists

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / -- Globally, Covid-19 has affected us all, many in personal ways, yet the creative industry has been one the hardest hit. As I listened intently to the 2021 Creative Economy Report presented by Otis College of Art & Design, I couldn’t help being blind-sided by the tremendous financial impact the pandemic had on Arts related industries in California alone. Having previously served on the Board of Governors of Otis, I am continuously proud of the contribution this Fine Arts Institution makes, providing valuable statistics and insight used in state legislature. Unlike the previous decade of growth, there was a staggering “$140.6 billion dollar loss from the total Creative Economy output for 2020”. Notably, with the film industry, Los Angeles County counts for more than half of the state’s figure with a $78.9 billion loss. Berman adds, “There has never been one solution to rectify this issue. We must foster a collaborative respect for our creatives and inculcate an artology mindset.” Berman agrees with Panelist Jason Foster, of the new 1.3 mile outdoor museum, Destination Crenshaw: “We need to view artists as a bankable business”. Thankfully, many of Berman’s clients understand the tremendous impact the pandemic has had on the livelihood of artists and have responded enthusiastically to be part of the solution by supporting the arts with their buying power. Some positive accounts of this below, offer a bit of a silver-lining to our challenging time.


For many, art is a very private experience. Where and how people engage in this experience is the enticing elixir of art. Lisa M. Berman, founder of Berman Arts Agency, understands this complex concept and authentically applies her signature “art of connecting” with her clients, while managing her established and museum quality artists. Accurate and intuitive placement of the right piece in the right place in just the right way is key to honoring this visual and often visceral journey. Cultivating good relationships between artists and collectors are the binding factors for Berman building longevity and a good reputation. Berman has placed artwork in museum collections such as: LACMA, The GETTY, Smithsonian, M.A.D, FIDM, National Comedy Center, and private collections such as Daniel Greenberg Photography, Resnick Collection and Lynn K. Altman Trust.

Oropeza Sculpture Garden – it’s not often that an artist and art dealer or “art strategist” as Berman refers to herself, is presented with the opportunity to launch a 5 acre sculpture garden. This task is usually reserved for museums or well-funded art institutions. The unique collaboration of the dynamic artwork by ARTPRIZE 2017 Winner Daniel Oropeza, aka “Scientific Sculptor” and stewardship of Lisa M. Berman on the lush grounds of the Nursery by Southwinds in Irvine Ca., brought the bespoke “Oropeza Sculpture Garden” to fruition. The artwork presented in this picturesque arena was recently featured “Art Trilogy” article about Oropeza, published in the ARTS Issue for NUE Magazine-NYC. Launched in October of 2019, the garden is open daily from 9am-5pm and also features the work of Doyle Reno, Jon Seeman, Craig French and Frank Lloyd Wright.

In addition to establishing this ground-breaking for profit retail garden, Berman continues to expand her brand with foresight and her magnetic personality. For instance, Lisa met one of her favorite business mentors while walking her dog in Laguna Beach where she resides. After two years of discussing art, food, dogs and business, Lisa had established a good rapport and unexpectedly received a request from this connection to curate a one-acre sculpture Garden next to his well trafficked restaurant in O.C. “Board meetings” are different in Laguna Beach, says Berman. This entire deal was conducted on the sand, and “I don’t ever recall him wearing shoes or long pants” referring to her mentor, friend and now ally.

Full circle– this time, it’s the 2nd evolution of the name Berman in the world of West Coast contemporary art. When Lisa was introduced to Sculptor Craig French of Laguna Beach, he immediately told her that her former husband, Mr. Robert Berman, founder of Robert Berman Gallery and Santa Monica Auctions had actually launched his career, along with Brad Howe over 30 years ago! It seemed more than coincidental that we (both from Laguna Beach) were now collaborating. Even though Craig has placed over 30 public sculptures and countless private art pieces internationally, he hadn’t procured public art placement in his home town. Craig had been discussing with his long-term collector Michael Iannoti, on the Board of the Lawn Bowling Club since 1989, (the oldest in the U.S., West of the Mississippi) for 2 years about creating special ART benches, to not only to invigorate the look of the club overlooking the ocean, but also to be used as an incentive to provide a fund-raising format for the non-profit. In swoops Lisa into the mix and within 2 weeks, the rendering was completed, presented and approved by the Board. The first of the proposed 30 benches with personalization was installed in February.

Sometimes privacy is key and other times, an outpouring of promotion is required. Three of Berman Arts Agency’s artists are currently preparing artwork for a public 6 month show in Orange County. Even though the location of the show can not be disclosed until it opens, Berman adds, “These very specialized art pieces can be sold prior to the installation, as a private consumer or business acquiring the work will allow them to be loaned and can garner substantial media exposure from this highly trafficked location”. The artists working in metal and glass include: Craig French, Daniel Oropeza and Sheinina Lolita Raj. Also notable for the month of March, which is “Womens History Month”, is the INTERCULTURAL exhibition by Raj and is being celebrated globally on International Women's Day, March 8th, 2021. Look for her link on BAA IG/FB to enter to win a collectable, limited edition, signed artwork of her intriguing photographs.

Berman Arts Agency has one of the most premier and satisfied client lists. For her, it’s always about the right connection, no matter what the medium or platform. With her 22 year old brand Sculpture To Wear, Berman’s clients revere her as a friend, confident, sometimes a family member, and rely on her personalized touch to make their gift giving special: Marc Hankin, attorney and client of 22 years said, “You did it again. Erica absolutely LOVED the jewelry! Thank you so much for your guidance and taste”. Berman orchestrated a Facetime shopping excursion with her client in Los Angeles when she visited Belle Brook Barer’s Rock & Feather Gallery in Sante Fe, NM. Lisa worked her visual prowess, walked around the space, showing and trying on jewelry (similar to her own STW gallery) and made a substantial sale. Providing excellent customer service is always the mainstay of her business.

This month, TILLY’s Retail Chain founder, Hezy Shaked’s employees reciprocated happiness with their boss by purchasing him an unexpected gift: a one of a kind 7ft sculpture by Jon Seeman. “Feng Shui” is a kinetic, bronze patinated stainless steel work with a built in-gong, inspired from the artists travels in Japan. Both Berman Arts Agency & Seeman are appreciative to have artwork placed in this important collection, and the added gesture by his employees was an unexpected and kind catalyst of the transaction. Seeman’s large scale work has been placed in 41 public locations world-wide, one recently, a 22ft tall piece in W. Virginia with a $200k price tag. As much as details are important to conveying an indelible story, Berman, celebrates thinking BIG, as do her artists and Connecting is her Art-Story.

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