Co-Sleeping Tips for Better Sleep for Your Newborn Baby

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babybay offers tips to help you and your baby get a good nights sleep.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / -- Caring for a newborn baby can be a handful. If you’re a first-time mom or dad, then you might need all the help you can get. We understand that at babybay. That’s why we created these easy tips below for new parents to get their baby into a deeper sleep.

The more you can get your baby to sleep, the better rested the parents will be, and that makes for happy families all around. Here are a few of the tips that we recommend to get your baby to sleep well:

* Establish a routine for better sleep: Try to establish a regular sleep routine for your baby. This may include a pre-sleep time bath, soft music, a darkened room, all the things that would encourage deep sleep. If you’re working remotely from home, you might be able to get this done on a daily basis. Getting your baby into a routine of healthy sleep habits from birth is often found to be the foundation of better sleep habits later on.

* Let technology help your baby sleep better: You may want to invest in new technology to help your baby (and you) sleep better. There are now smart baby monitors on the market that provide you with both video and audio access to see and hear your baby sleeping. These tools can be ideal for the remote working parent. Watch your baby through a small monitor and listen to your baby’s breathing patterns.

* Give your baby time to self-soothe: Babies will often briefly wake up, make a noise or cry out inadvertently. If you’re nearby, try to resist the urge to run over the bassinet to pick up the baby. More medical practitioners recommend you give your baby a chance to self-soothe.

* Invest in a comfortable baby bed with a mattress protector: Getting the right bed can make a world of difference for a newborn. Simply putting your baby on a nearby couch while you work won’t cut it. But investing in a portable baby bassinet that you can move as needed around your living space can be a lifesaver. And don’t forget to invest in a mattress protector, as that helps to keep the bed free from any kinds of soiling accidents. Throughout the month of March, babybay customers can get a free mattress protector when you purchase up a Tranquility mattress pad. But hurry, as quantities are limited.

A babybay baby sleeping bed makes for happy babies and rested parents. Our unique curved bed design allows you to have your baby close to you, letting you draw your baby close for comfort touching, bonding, and breastfeeding, without getting out of bed.

Ease of Use

Our babybay baby beds are easy to use. The babybay newborn baby bed simply clips to the parent’s bed. It’s fully adjustable, which means you can adjust the height to fit snugly against your bed. And you can just as easily detach it and use it as a standalone bassinet.

Try the babybay bassinet for bed for your newborn and you’ll find that both the baby and the parents sleep comfortably and cozily. Nothing pleases new parents more than a sweet softly sleeping baby in the baby bedside sleeper. More than half a million satisfied babybay® parents already are sleeping better – and you and your baby will too!

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