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SilvaClean Turns Textiles Into Active Germ Killers, Creating New Standard of Cleanliness for Hotels

Integration of SilvaClean into Crown Linen’s service allows them to immediately differentiate themselves by delivering a new standard of product to their customers...”
— James Lake, Head of Customer Integration and Success, for Applied Silver
HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 24, 2021 / -- Applied Silver Inc. ( announced today that it has partnered with Crown Linen, a premier commercial laundry facility headquartered in Miami, to bring its groundbreaking antimicrobial textile treatment technology SilvaClean® to the hospitality industry in South Florida.

SilvaClean is the only EPA registered technology that makes all laundered materials residually antimicrobial. Once laundry is treated with the technology, it becomes active and continuously kills harmful pathogenic bacteria, mold and mildew that come in contact with the textiles, protecting users and handlers from risk of associated infections throughout use of treated items. This is achieved through a smart IoT platform installed at the laundry facility that seamlessly infuses textiles with silver ions during the final rinse cycle of the wash.

By embracing new technologies and adapting to meet customer needs in the current climate, Crown Linen has established itself as a trusted commercial laundry facility for hotels, resorts and spas across the states of Florida and Georgia. They provide service to more than 180 hotels and 60,000 rooms by emphasizing four guiding principles: quality, reliability, cost reduction and customized service.

“Essential services such as those provided by Crown Linen are at the core of hotels providing the best guest experience,” said James Lake, Applied Silver’s Head of Customer Integration and Success. “Integration of SilvaClean into Crown Linen’s service allows them to immediately differentiate themselves by delivering a new standard of product to their customers and providing an added layer of protection for their staff in a seamless and cost-effective way.”

With SilvaClean’s seamless integration into its Miami laundry operation, Crown’s customer base in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and the Keys can easily access the innovative textile treatment program. One client, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, a world-class beachfront health resort and luxury spa in Miami Beach, recently announced that it has incorporated SilvaClean in its housekeeping protocols and has pledged to help establish a new standard of cleanliness and guest experience in the hospitality industry.

“We are excited to partner with Applied Silver to provide access for our customers to new technologies like SilvaClean that increase and improve the sanitation of linens and other launderable items”, Pablo Lucchesi, Managing Partner Crown Linen.

The technology has proven to significantly elevate hygiene in the surrounding environment wherever it has been deployed, providing a safe environment for guests and visitors. In addition to giving guests confidence in the industry, SilvaClean also protects housekeeping staff, laundry staff and other industry personnel from the spread of these harmful pathogens. The technology is already incorporated in infection control protocols at hospitals and in professional sports programs to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections and dangerous pathogens, like MRSA.

The science behind SilvaClean is the broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties of silver ions. Silver has been in use since ancient times in medical applications (sutures, dental filling and other) as well as in homes (silver goblets, silverware). Applied Silver has been advancing this science for current applications for businesses with plans to make the technology available for all consumers in the near future. By incorporating the germ-killing power of SilvaClean into its state-of-the-art practices, Crown is taking yet another important step in its commitment to delivering the very best service and protection to its customers.

Applied Silver, Inc is Hayward, California-based that develops commercial applications based on technologies that harness the antimicrobial power of silver ions. The Company is focused on preventing infections through the use of silver technologies, including antibiotic-resistant pathogens like MRSA and emerging pathogens like Candida auris. The Company is commercially active in healthcare, sports and hospitality, and plans to enter the consumer markets in the near future.


Crown Linen is the leading Commercial Laundry specializing in the hospitality industry in Florida and Georgia. It was created to fill the demand for a professional laundry company dedicated exclusively to cater for the demanding needs of the hospitality industry.

Crown Linen owns and operates 6 state-of-the-art production facilities located in Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, Bradenton Haines City and Fairburn, GA. These plants have the capacity to process large quantities of hotel linen with the best-in-class quality and 100% reliability and consistency.

The traditional laundry has evolved into a modern service company. With 6 plants, state of the art technology, locations close to our customers, friendly and professional attention, Crown is the best alternative to a hotel’s laundry needs.

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