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Entrepreneur Jeff Webb releases New Book – American Restoration: How to Unshackle the Great Middle Class



WHAT: American Restoration: How to Unshackle the Great Middle Class
Webb’s new book makes the case for how the conservative populist movement in the U.S. can move forward, win at the ballot box and grow the American middle class. Webb offers a successful entrepreneur’s take on the future of the GOP and what we as a country must do to strengthen the middle class.

WHO: Entrepreneur Jeff Webb, was the founder of the multi-billion dollar Varsity Inc. Webb is also the co-publisher of Human Events and the founder of Middle Class Warriors.

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In this book, successful entrepreneur and inspirational motivator Jeff Webb brings the kind of pragmatic, yet positive thinking approach that worked so well for him over a 45-year business career to the world of political and economic ideas.

Known for his vision, innovative thinking, and problem-solving skills, Webb takes 13 different issues of our time and tackles them one by one; in each case, keeping his eye on the American middle class. Webb knows, as have so many great minds dating back to Aristotle, that ensuring a health and vibrant middle class is the key to maintaining a healthy and vibrant society.
Webb breaks his book down into three sections, with each section containing addressing issues relative to the section’s theme.

They are:

Protecting Our Freedoms:
• Ending Political Corruption
• Ending Endless Foreign Wars
• Efficient & Effective Defense spending
• Protecting American Interests in Foreign Policy
Sustainable Economic Expansion
• Big is Bad
• Fair Trade
• Responsible Regulation
• Fair & Simple Taxation
Ensuring our Children’s Future
• Reducing the national Debt
• Affordable & Accessible heath Care
• Quality & Student-Centered Education
• Responsible Energy 7 Environmental Policy

Each chapter is broken down into three section. What’s My Take has Webb sharing his overall thoughts on the issue and using stories from his personal and professional life to make his message resonate. The Challenges We Face is where he shows the research necessary to give the readers a real understanding of the necessary facts. Ideas in Support of the Middle Class shares his specific recommendations to/ address the issues.

Jeff Webb has made a career in building coalitions, creating relationships that did not previously exist and changing lives. He now wants to bring his abilities to the American political conversation and help to get people to top fighting and start talking and working together again.


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