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YoReSpot’s founder is extremely happy with the growth, unity, and performance. But is lacking media coverage



Brandon Irlbeck (CEO YoReSpot)

Brandon Irlbeck (CEO YoReSpot)

Will they work with us?

We are not mad at the social media landscape, just disappointed! So we built something BETTER!!!”
— Brandon Irlbeck

BAYARD, IOWA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2021 / -- On February 17th 2021, Brandon Irlbeck (YoReSpot CEO) decided he was not going to take any chances with server downtime, like many of the other social networking sites. Irlbeck has been very open and transparent with any and all site upgrades and/or minor downtime. “We believe in complete transparency to build a trustworthy and reliable social media alternative,” said Irlbeck.

“We added four more servers, with load balancing with a cluster, for a total of twelve servers to make sure we can handle anyone or anything,” said Irlbeck.

Currently, YoReSpot expects propagation to be completed by end of day February 19th 2021.

YoReSpot is a fast growing social media alternative, with the focus of undoing hatred and providing a level, equal environment for anyone wanting to be part of this movement. YoReSpot DOES NOT support or allow hate speech and will remove it immediately. YoReSpot DOES NOT use any 3rd party scanning or tracking apps.

“If you love how social media started you will love our site,” says Irlbeck, “and all you need to do is ask our current users.”

“One major difference you’ll notice between us and them is, we have more then just a ton of people posting political memes from sun up to sun down. We have real people with real accounts, we do not generate fake users like 99% of any of our competition. We also have very strong scammer and spammer settings,” Irlbeck explains.

YoReSpot is an Iowa based social networking alternative with one owner.

“If we could get the media coverage for one day with an interview, we might be able to help millions to relax, open their minds, and unite with us to change the world,” Irlbeck said. “You have Facebook that leans far left, Parler that leans far right but no one in the middle, until now. If the news media really wanted us to get along here is their chance to prove it, reach out to me and help me make a difference.”

YoReSpot has seen massive spikes in new users this last week due to people being sick of fighting and arguing. YoReSpot took an online poll and saw that 45% of the users deleted all other social media and now call YoReSpot home.

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