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Top agencies combine forces to offer a better customer experience

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Mount Arbor, Whitehat SEO and Digifianz have launched a new alliance of HubSpot agencies in February 2021.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 19, 2021 / --

Whitehat SEO (UK), Mount Arbor (Ireland) and Digifianz (Argentina), three top HubSpot Partner Agencies, have formed a unique alliance to offer global businesses a competitive advantage. “In a digital economy that favours a superior customer experience, we realised we could be greater than the sum of our parts”, says Andrew McAvinchey, Managing Director of Mount Arbor, a business growth agency based in Dublin.

Each agency will operate independently but serve mutual clients, using a technology-enabled distributed framework to allow seamless transitions in delivery so the customer benefits from a unified experience.

In a recent report, Forrester predicts that digital leaders will drive double-digit growth in 2021. The differentiating factor will be in how these businesses use customer data in an intelligent, orchestrated way to offer personalised experiences for their customers.

“By focusing on business growth and revenue predictability for fast-growing startups and technology companies, we have developed reliable digital systems on the HubSpot CRM platform that gives our clients an advantage over competitors no matter where their customers are based”, says Andrew McAvinchey. Mount Arbor was established in 2017 as one of the first Sales Solutions Partners for HubSpot in Europe. “Remote workers, a flattening of organisational structures, distributed work practices and fragmented customer experience have led us to a uniquely collaborative approach to managed services in the B2B market.”

Whitehat SEO have established a reputation as one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the UK. They host a popular HubSpot User Group in Central London, with hundreds of ‘Inbound’ enthusiasts convening regularly both in person and virtually to share insights on how businesses can adapt to the changing behaviour of modern customers.

“Customer Experience is dependent on Marketing, Sales and Customer Success departments working together to remove friction from however a customer does business with your organisation”, says Clwyd Probert, CEO of Whitehat SEO. “As specialists in each of these areas with a mature understanding of how best to deliver value at each step, we realised we could combine our agencies to surpass anything we could hope to achieve on our own”.

‘Inbound’ methodologies for business were first devised by M.I.T. alumni Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah to use content, customer data and a wide range of digital tools to match potential customers with solutions based on leading online indicators. They founded HubSpot, now used by over 95,000 businesses in more than 120 countries and valued at over $17 Billion. HubSpot continues to grow by over 20% every year thanks to the rapidly expanding market share of its flagship CRM product suite.

Businesses using HubSpot are encouraged to work with certified Partner Agencies to help them with the complexities of Inbound. Departments such as Sales, Marketing and IT can each use HubSpot in their own way, often hiring agencies for support. This can result in a lack of cooperation between competing service providers that often mirrors the internal divisions between departments. For the customer, this means a confusing journey through the buying process.

“Digifianz has a large team of technical experts who can produce content, applications and complex integrations at scale”, says Dan Patiño, co-founder of a HubSpot Platinum Partner agency recently awarded the ‘Customer First’’ award by HubSpot in 2020, ranking them above hundreds of international agencies in the same category. They have offices in Argentina, USA and Spain. “By providing the underlying operational infrastructure for our combined agencies to offer content, strategy and implementation at scale, we can work together to provide our clients with everything they need for the best possible digital experience”.

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