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Henrys Invegas signs to Roc Nation, Equity Distribution to propel his Music

USA, February 17, 2021 / -- Henry Gabriel Betances Chavez, now Henrys Invegas, has made an exciting entrance into the music industry. After garnering considerable attention in publications such as the Los Angeles Tribune, Henrys music career is skyrocketing.

While the pandemic may have slowed down others, Invegas has managed to thrive and reach new audiences thanks to his exciting rap style.

Born on November 30th, 1995 in the Dominican Republic, Invegas has been creating music since he was nine years old when his family moved to Rhode Island. A productive member of his local community, Henrys Invegas invested in his music abilities and reached out with his engaging personality. A positive force in running charity fundraisers, he has managed to go well beyond his music talents in terms of recognition by his peers.

It did not take long for Henrys Invegas to breakout in his home state of Rhode Island. His early creations are the foundation of his music career. A freestyle approach that is youthful, energetic, and captivating which influences his approach today.

For someone so young, his talent and instincts for creating exciting music has enabled Invegas to

breakout over the past several months. A good part of his success in reaching new fans can be attributed to his mastery of social media. Invegas started out on Tumblr, then moved his fanbase to Facebook. It is his connection to the fans combined with his enthusiast personality and considerable music talent that has helped him make 2020 a breakout year with even greater potential on the horizon.

His EP “Love Changes You, Thug” has managed to reach the DatPiff Top of the Week and Hottest of the Month listings all without any formal promotion. Just on the strength of his music alone, over 500 thousand viewers have sampled the rich, vibrant work that Invegas has created on SoundCloud.

There is something personal and evocative in how Invegas delivers his rap, separating his music from his contemporaries. It began as a passion and now has created a huge momentum of interest from fans around the world. What Henrys Invegas has managed to do in such a short period is nothing short of astounding. When called the next “Drake”, you know that something special is happening with Henrys Invegas.

Now signed with Equity Distribution, a Roc Nation company, Invegas was contacted immediately after they heard his new song, “Thot House”. It was more than enough for Equity Distribution to recognize the talents of Invegas. The faith that Roc Nation has in Invegas has paid off handsomely. His new single “G In a Bottle” has broken 1 million streams and it only seems that the sky is the limit for Henrys Invegas. Founded in love, Henrys Invegas’ music has crossed boundaries and reached new audiences. The melodies are heart-felt, the rhythms enjoyable, and the enthusiasm infectious which makes his work stand out. Add to that his endless energy that keeps Invegas engaged with his fans and impressing his peers and the future looks bright for this remarkable artist.

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