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Black smoke and big profits: How Max Karg makes money with diesel trucks.

USA, February 17, 2021 / -- Max, who comes from a small farming town shares his love for automobiles and how to transform that love into a business with his new blog.

Duramax’s, Cummins, and Powerstroke; he’s had them all. This isn’t all too unusual to see from your average diesel fanatic. But what’s unique about Max is that he’s found a way to enjoy all of these trucks without losing a cent, and in most instances, even turning some pretty fantastic profits from these machines.

Being from a small farming town in the Midwest, Max saw plenty of trucks growing up. “You can only drive sports cars and muscle cars a few months of the year here, but 4-wheel drive trucks can be driven in just about anything… that’s why guys build ‘em up.” Max said. The first time he rode in a modified truck was with a classmate in high school, and he was hooked from there. Once he caught the diesel bug, he wanted to build and experience all of the different engines from different manufacturers. But in order to do so, he knew he’d have be able to pay if he wanted to play, and there’s nearly nothing cheap about Diesel trucks.

Max knew that if he didn’t figure out a way to drive and build up these trucks up on a budget, he’d go broke in no time. So, he figured out a way to buy parts for severely under MSRP, and a strategy for how to buy trucks that wouldn’t go down in value, but instead that he could improve and actually increase the value of, allowing him to turn a profit instead of losing money on those machines.

Max builds, modifies, drives, and profits from whatever he drives. This skillset has made him tens of thousands of dollars over the years. More importantly though, Max says, is that having this knowledge has allowed him to own and drive anything he wants. Chevy’s highly desirable LBZ. Ford’s infamous 7.3. And the legendary 12 valve cummins just to name a few of the power plants he been able to have fun with. Max also runs an automotive marketing business, helping private party sellers sell their vehicle. Most recently through, Max has begun teaching other diesel truck enthusiasts everything that he knows, empowering them to turn a profit from their passion for diesel performance.

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