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Max Karg Turned his Second Largest Expense Into a Second Stream of Income

USA, February 17, 2021 / -- Max, who comes from a small farming town shares his love for automobiles and how to transform that love into a business with his new blog.

Second only to housing, transportation is the largest expense incurred by most US households. What instead of paying out month by month for your transportation, you could instead make money from your vehicle and turn your second largest expense into a second stream of income? This is exactly what entrepreneur Max Karg has learned to do, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him to see exactly how he does it.

“Cars are my greatest passion. There are so many vehicles from so many different brands, all with their own unique styling and driving experience — and I want to experience them all” Max said. He knew that if he wanted to have all of these experiences with different vehicles and not end up broke and bankrupt, he had better figure out a strategy. It clicked for him while he was driving past a car dealership, realizing that their entire business was centered around buying vehicles low and selling them high. What information, strategies, and secrets would he have to learn to get vehicles for himself in the same way?

Through lots of research, trial and error, he cracked the code and was able to do this for himself. Before even being able to have a legal drink, Max has owned dozens of cars. They’ve spanned everything from the sporty coupes, to drop-top convertibles, all the way up to supercars. "The best part?” He says “Is that I’m able to drive and enjoy all of these vehicles without them hurting me financially.”

Not only does he use this strategy for himself, but he shows others how to the same too. "It started with me helping my friends and family to spot which vehicles were the best for this, and and what to look out for with each of them.” Now, through his online education company, AutomotiveMoney, he teaches others these same strategies and empowers others to learn how to turn their second largest expense into a second stream of income. Max says that although it’s primarily auto enthusiasts that he sees in his programs, it’s something that anyone can learn to do and have success with. If you’re interested in learning more, head to

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