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Middle East Based Business Tycoon, Dr.Shihab Sha Gives Brilliant Answer to The Question What’s the Future of Wellness


UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 14, 2021 / -- A new quantitative era is emerging for digital health, AI, social networks, analytics and precision medicine that will eclipse the disease industry that exists today Kenza Wellness Hospital is the place in Wayanad, Kerala, India right now to pursue the most future-focused opportunities to improve human health and well-being. Beyond new cures, we are challenging the paradigm to create a sea change in healthcare: from episodic treatment of illness to dramatically enhancing well -being for life.

The convergence of personalized medicine with digital health and artificial intelligence, systems biology, social networks, big data analytics and precision medicine is on the cusp of enabling an emerging field: scientific wellness.

“Over the next 10-15 years there will be a scientific wellness industry in contrast to the disease industry and the market cap will far exceed that of the disease industry,” said Dr. Shihab Sha of Kenza Wellness

“The contrast between 20th and 21st Century medicine is striking, 21st is proactive, focused on the individual, disease and it employs personalized data clouds to explore the complexities of human beings.”

The idea of scientific wellness is a quantitative approach that includes improving the health of individuals, creating personalized treatments, reversing disease transitions and reducing costs — distinct from the current wellness trend focusing primarily on behaviors such as diet and lifestyle.

Kenza Wellness Hospital with its exceptional healthcare packages and world-class services envisions a world free of diseases. Situated in the picturesque locale of Wayanad, popularly known as the ‘Paradise of Kerala’, this wellness-haven provides 30+ treatment options, under a single umbrella, by implementing Integrative Medicine practices which guests can take advantage of once they step-foot into this royal name in the field of wellness. Rest assured, if it’s peace of mind and overall wellness you need, ensure into KENZA WELLNESS you tread.


COMPLETE WELLNESS & ULTIMATE HAPPINESS" That is already happening. “We’ve made terrific strides in terms of understanding biology, how it affects human health, defines wellness, relates to disease,”

The next phase is not about drugs, it’s about engaging patients. “Whether AI or wearables, technologies exist and the availability is wide-scale,” said Dr. Shihab Sha of Kenza Wellness, “It’s about taking that more precisely to a patient. We want to take information to patients so they consume it in ways they already consume data.”

Indeed, and that’s exactly where the emerging scientific wellness field will figure into the future of healthcare.

Wellness tourism is the fastest growing segment within the global tourism market. Within hospitality, we have seen a number of major hotel companies and operators responding to this trend through acquisition of specialist wellness brands and the repositioning of existing assets.

Wellness in hospitality has principally focused on the spa but consumers are rapidly changing and if the sector is to capitalise on the opportunity a greater understanding of what this means is needed. Over the next ten years wellness will become a central factor driving design, the operational ethos and balance of revenues in hotels. Consumers will not only want more advanced and focused spa facilities but also a wide range of other 'soft' elements (the ability to personalize all elements of a stay, ethical / sustainability values) which are fundamentally ingrained with the evolving meaning of wellness.

That’s where KENZA WELLNESS comes in with the key role of gearing up the Paramount Wellness services from the Chakra’s divine AYURVEDA, UNANI , SIDHA ,HOMEOPATHY ,NATUROPATHY CHINESE


Failure to invest in wellness and sustainable design now could cost more than you think. Within the funding, planning and regulatory environments there is increased preference for sustainable business that can demonstrate ecological or wellbeing benefits.

Proving a business case for wellness in hospitality is more challenging than it is in other real - estate led sectors. However, it is intuitive that guests experience wellbeing through beautiful spaces and considered concepts. We are familiar with the intangible premiums applied for larger spaces or better views, and similarly, inspirational and healthy buildings deliver motivation and pride to employees, who in turn provide an exemplary service to guests, investing in wellness, ultimately delivers that well-used phrase in hospitality: "happy staff, happy guests, happy profits and we bring together the latest market research

‘’ Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.’’

We invite wellbeing advocates and influencers from across the globe to emerge Future of Wellness ecosystem and collaborate with platforms and individuals on bringing positive change to everyone’s life and sustain honest conversation around wellness, health, humanitarianism, social trust and growth.

Kenza Holdings is led by the visionary Chairman Dr. Shihab Sha, hailing from Thrissur, the Cultural Capital of Kerala. The young Business Magnet has carved his niche in Real Estate and Tourism segments in the UAE for over a decade. He has laid the foundation for Kenza Holdings by initiating integrated property projects, connecting tourism with investment products for the easy reach of the common man. Being an ardent nature lover, his projects are focused upon various tourist centers across the country, ultimately adding to our countries exchange earnings. Each project ventilates attractive terms for a higher and regular income, guaranteeing capital growth for any investor who is intending to park their funds at safer zones. The Headquarters is kept at Tamania Arts Buildings – Business Bay, Dubai

Young Business Man of the Year 2013 by the Hon. Minister of Kerala C.N Balakrishanan.

Business Excellence Award Dubai 2014 Dr.AP.J Abdul Kalam

Best Visionary Business Man Award 2016

International Business Excellence Award Moscow 2017 Russian Parliament

Worldwide Achievers Young Entrepreneur of India Award 2018 by Hon. Central Minister for Heavy Industries, Babul Supriyo

NRI Best Business Man of the Year 2019 by Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan


By integrating modern medicine with traditional healing practices KENZA WELLNESS promotes the ideology where people can dwell in a disease-free world attaining ultimate happiness. The team at Kenza strives to ensure every service rendered to their guests exceeds expectations through continued innovations, improvements and best practices combined with quality, convenience and value to become the world’s number 1 wellness hospital.

A passionate health expert, Dr.Shihab Sha holds an MD in Sports Medicine & Nutrition and a PhD in Alternative Medicine and Wellness . Under him the group is working towards its mission of owning and managing a hundred wellness hospitals a thousand wellness clinics and well - being centers across the globe by the year 2030 with a vision to provide people with high quality wellness treatments. Products and become a leader in medical and wellness industry

Wellness the Future.

Ultimately, scientific wellness will equip people with the data and tools to modify habits, be those diet, exercise, sleep or their genes to optimize personal health.

“The way forward is there,” Dr.Shihab Sha said. “It’s time to act at least on the initial pieces.”


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