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Methanol Institute Welcomes Clean Energy Resources as Association's Newest Member

We are very pleased that Clean Energy Resources has decided to join MI’s growing roster of energy companies providing products to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.”
— Gregory Dolan, CEO, Methanol Institute
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2021 / -- The Methanol Institute (“MI”) is pleased to welcome Clean Energy Resources LLC (“CER”), as our newest member company. CER is a leader in applying circular economy principles, including large-scale carbon capture and refinery waste recycling to the hydrocarbon industry. It is currently developing the Lake Charles Methanol project near Lake Charles, Louisiana, which will be the world’s largest industrial carbon capture facility with a capacity of 4 million tons of methanol per year. Methanol is a clean burning fuel with uses in transportation, heating and downstream petrochemical industries. This is the first in a series of CER projects which produce zero-carbon products from petroleum waste and natural gas.

The LCM Project will uniquely bundle commercial technologies with carbon capture and sequestration to produce zero-carbon Blue Methanol. The oil refinery waste product, petroleum coke or “petcoke” is energy rich, but also high in sulfur. As a result, burning petcoke in the U.S. has been on the decline for many years due to environmental regulations. Instead, U.S. oil refineries export this waste to developing countries where it is burned and releases an enormous amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other emissions harmful to human health. The LCM Project will not burn the petcoke but rather uses gasification (a chemical process) to convert petcoke into clean syngas, eliminating 99% of NOx, SOx and particulate pollutants and capturing 90% of the CO2.

The LCM Project combines two plants using environmentally sound processes to produce separate streams of syngas. The petcoke plant will recycle the petcoke into methanol while using proven technology to capture and sequester over 4 million tons per year of CO2. The natural gas plant will employ advanced autothermal reforming, significantly improving carbon efficiency compared to standard steam methane reforming technology currently being utilized in existing U.S. natural gas-to-methanol plants. The blended syngas streams from the two plants will provide the world’s first large scale, zero-carbon Blue Methanol product at production costs in the lowest quartile of global methanol producers.

Donald Maley, President and CEO of CER, stated, “Our unique combination of technologies provides a zero-carbon solution for methanol purchasers at competitive market prices. Blue Methanol will allow our customers to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing methanol that is produced consistent with a sustainable, circular economy. Methanol is perhaps the most important transition hydrocarbon fuel on the planet. We look forward to working closely with MI and its members to expand the market for methanol as the world continues to adopt the technologies that will achieve a net-zero carbon economy by 2050.”

MI CEO Greg Dolan noted that “We are very pleased that Clean Energy Resources has decided to join MI’s growing roster of energy companies providing products to support the transition to a low-carbon economy. The combination of the use of carbon capture and sequestration with advanced technologies promises huge improvements in the carbon intensity of methanol helping both the chemical and transportation industries meet their goals for a clean, sustainable future.”

To learn more about CER's Lake Charles Methanol project click HERE

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