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Us Two Tea Makes Holiday Gifting Easy with Their Lunar New Year Tea Sets Collection

US Two Tea

US Two Tea


Handmade ceramics tea cup


Handmade ceramics teabag holder

Us Two Tea offers authenticity to the 2021 Lunar New Year celebrations with their Blossom Tea Set.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2021 / -- Gifting has been a prominent part of celebrations for ages. Along with good wishes, a gift symbolises our care for loved ones. The gifting traditions have evolved through the years, especially for Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year is the most awaited celebration among Asians. It is usually celebrated with close and distant relatives returning home. It is a celebration honoring and remembering ancestors while preparing traditional foods. A prominent part of the food preparation process is Chinese sweet tea.

The morning of Lunar New Year is known for the tea offering ritual.
The younger members of the family offer sweet tea to the elder members along with New Year wishes. It is usually followed by elders presenting red packets (hong bao) to the younger generation. These packets contain gifts, which are a form of blessing.

The tea prepared for this ritual is made sweeter using candied fruits put in teacups before pouring the tea. The tea selections mainly include Oolong and Black teas. The humble teas mark new beginnings and connect people.

This year, Us Two Tea’s Lunar New Year Collection is set to honor the tea ritual with its unique range of select gifting products.

Origins Set (Blossom Tea Set + Handmade Ceramic Tea Mug)

Lunar New Year is all about traditional, healthy, and organic gifting. The ‘Origins’ gift set, designed by this Taiwanese tea brand, conveys the relationship between ceramics and tea.

The set also defines the importance of both ceramic and tea in Taiwanese culture. It includes a perfect pairing of organically sourced Osmanthus and Jasmine tea. Both tea selections come from the Taiwanese mountains, particularly from Nantou County. Celebrate Lunar New Year traditionally with these Taiwanese tea blends and a one of a kind, custom-made ceramic mug.

Moments Bundle (Teabag holder + Big Variety Pack)

The ‘Moments Bundle’ set consists of different varieties of Taiwanese tea, with a complementary teabag holder. The tea selections in this variety pack include Oolong, Baozhong, Jasmine, and Black tea.

These organic tea selections are brought to your home directly from the tea farms of Taiwan. The traditional designs on the ceramic teabag holder will help you cherish the memories of Lunar New Year all year long.

The Blossom Tea Set

If you are inclined towards a fresh and authentic tea selection that reminds you of your home, especially during Lunar New Year, this ‘Blossom Tea Set’ is perfect for you. It consists of Osmanthus Oolong loose-leaf tea and Jasmine loose-leaf tea in 50g packs.

The Osmanthus Oolong blend by Us Two Tea offers the right balance of flavors. These blends are curated with the expertise of Taiwanese farmers. These tea blends have a smooth, floral, woodsy, and fruity flavor, along with the floral scent of Osmanthus.

Ceramic tea sets by Uniqlay Ceramics:

These tea gift sets by Us Two Tea also involve singles pieces of handmade ceramic tea mugs and teabag holders. These handmade, one of a kind, limited-edition ceramics are a part of the homegrown tea brand’s Lunar New Year collaboration with Uniqlay Ceramics.

Like Us Two Tea, Uniqlay Ceramics by Lynn Chang has its roots in Taiwan and continues to grow in the US. This unique collaboration is exceptional as both share connections to the Nantou County mountains in Taiwan. The ceramic designs represent this resemblance. It also offers the intertwined nature of ceramics and tea and how each is incomplete without the other.

The watercolor landscape on these mugs and teabag holders gets inspiration from traditional Chinese landscape art. All the pieces are hand-painted and glazed in a traditional-modern color palette.

Make your Lunar New Year Celebration memorable with Us Two Tea:

Select your favorite, limited edition tea sets and celebrate Lunar New Year with friends and family. Remember these special moments with the authentic tea selections and ceramic ware throughout the year. These LNY gift sets come along with shipping options and free delivery above $50. View entire range of products by visiting

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