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X-tend Robotics Inc. Enters Into Long Term License Agreement With WIZE DSP Lt.

The M1 Medi-Corp Care Giver Robot

Agreement would allow X-Tend to integrate WIZE DSP's noise eliminating tech into the company's service robots.

This is a paradigm shift in the robotics industry, and all of us at X-Tend Robotics are very proud to collaborate with WISE DSP and their technology to make this achievement possible.”
— Sergh Sapojnikov, X-Tend Robotics CTO

JACKSONVILLE, FL, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2021 / -- X-Tend Robotics Inc. and Wize DSP Ltd. are pleased to announce they have entered into a long term global strategic licensing agreement. The agreement will enable X-Tend Robotics to integrate WIZE DSP’s Noise Elimination technology into X-Tend’s Service Robots.

"This partnership will enable Service Robots to clearly communicate with humans in any environment, regardless of the noise level," said X-Tend Robotics CTO Sergh Sapojnikov. "This is a paradigm shift in the robotics industry, and all of us at X-Tend Robotics are very proud to collaborate with WISE DSP and their technology to make this achievement possible."

Under the agreement, X-Tend Robotics will have the priority rights to WIZE DSP’s current and future noise elimination solutions for use in its robots. The WIZE DSP technology will allow X-Tend to be able to deploy its service robots in areas where background noise had previously made that impossible, be it institutional, commercial or home environments.

“Existing voice solutions achieve nearly 95% voice recognition in a quiet environment, which is certainly impressive," said Sapojnikov. "But when noise is introduced, voice recognition falls dramatically. This breakthrough will allow our robots to be deployed in almost any environment and still achieve nearly 95% consistent maximum recognition."

X-Tend Robotics plans to incorporate this tech breakthrough in the release of its highly anticipated M1 Medi-Corp Care Giver Robot, slated for launch in Q3 of 2021. The M1 is built on X-Tend's breakthrough M-Rap™ Robot Development Platform, which allows it to develop cost-effective service robots at a fraction of the cost and time, and customize those robots for industry.

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About X-Tend Robotics, Inc.:
Established in 2018 X-Tend Robotics Inc’s Headquarters is located in the Jacksonville Florida area with an R&D facility in Jerusalem Israel. The company's goal is to revolutionize industries through the delivery of affordable service robots.

About WIZE DSP Ltd.:
Established in 2015, with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, WIZEDSP- The Master of Acoustics has developed patented and patent-pending genuine scientific breakthroughs in both acoustic hardware and software, including:
• Noise Elimination Algorithms
• The “zero noise” 89 dB SNR Microphone - over 4 times the distance and 30 times better than existing microphones
• Acoustic communications: simple, robust, inexpensive that requires significantly less power than any competing short-range communication technology.
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X-Tend Robotics
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