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Should Restaurants Open Their Own Virtual Brands?

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Restaurants may be tempted to dive into the ghost kitchen opportunity, even so, is it right for your restaurant?

"We count on this additional revenue to create a better operation. GTR is a hassle free, simple way to maximize your facilities potential".”
— Executive Chef Greg Mulligan, Shade Tree Kitchens LLC
CUMMING, GA, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2021 / -- Ghost Kitchens and Virtual restaurants are all the craze right now. So, how do restaurant operators determine if they have the right type of business and employ the required skills to open a virtual brand through the online delivery applications?

Most restaurant operators are immediately blocked when they realize the steep commissions that are paid to the applications for the orders they process and deliver. These commissions devalue their products and challenge the standard pricing models many operate within. Right here, many run into trouble as profits decrease while food costs and payroll are increased.

The National Association of Virtual Restaurants points out another challenge. The risk to the restaurants reputation. Delivery apps let the operators take the heat for cold food, long delivery times and failed orders. These can reflect across the internet in reviews that have nothing to do with the way the restaurant performed. The restaurants are then paralyzed by the apps. The operators are not allowed to remedy the issue. Furthermore, stymied by the automatic refunds that the apps generate in a quiet, hard to detect manner.

Then there are the operational hassles of creating menus, stocking new products, training and the time consumed in payroll and kitchen staff. These chores can compete in a negative way with the ongoing business in the brick and mortar location. It can be bewildering to see the focus on in-house customers fade to the back burner as the internet orders gain more attention from staff in a lot of non-revenue generating activity they require, just to stay online in a productive way.

Is there a better way? Perhaps there is. Ghost Town Restaurants Inc. provides a solution for restaurant operators to engage the potential for greater profits from online orders without these challenges dragging on their business. Grant Hurless, COO of Ghost Town Restaurants says "Our turn-key solution allows the restaurant operator to focus on getting food out the door" he says that within the GTR service there is no extra food to buy, training to provide or complicated menus to write. "GTR makes this simple for any operator to enter this profitable space with minimum interruptions to their ongoing business"

Executive Chef Greg Mulligan of Shade Tree Kitchens, a senior living food service provider uses Ghost Town Restaurants to manage their online business. "GTR is so simple and we have generated as much as 12k in a month from their services". He says that the Ghost Kitchen or Virtual Kitchen model for GTR has enhanced an otherwise money losing business. He says "We count on this additional revenue to create a better operation. GTR is a hassle free, simple way to maximize your facilities potential".

Ghost Town Restaurants CEO, Daniel Francis says that the model is far easier then trying to do it alone. "Ghost Town Restaurants takes the burden off the operator and sets them up to simply prepare orders, that is all they have to do, we do everything else." Ghost Town Restaurants provides branding, menus, marketing, app management and other services to boost your sales. "The incentives are aligned with the operators, we only succeed if you succeed and you do not have to reduce your pricing, take a big cut or train anyone, GTR is by far the best way to enter into this new opportunity". says Francis. Ghost Town Restaurants is targeting non-traditional partners too. "National and local C-Stores, institutions and other unlikely places are ripe for this" says Francis "We can work with any foodservice provider".

Ghost or Virtual Kitchens can ruin or resuscitate a struggling restaurant, the model may even bolster successful operations by adding new revenue streams, it all depends on how the operator goes about the implementation. If the operator goes it alone, they will likely fail this new model. If they use a service, like Ghost Town Restaurants, then they have a better likelihood of seeing the success they are looking for.

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