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Unheard of Revenue For Institutional Foodservices are in the Ghost / Virtual Kitchen Model

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Ghost Town Restaurants Inc has moved their ghost kitchen model into institutional food service facilities; generating over 100k per unit in the first year.

"it is a seamless, intuitive transition except the fact that the kitchen, which has been slow most hours of the day, is now moving quickly to fulfill GTR orders".”
— Executive Chef, Greg Mulligan, Shade Tree Kitchens
ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2021 / -- Want an additional 100k in revenue?

Institutional food services have traditionally been a drag on facility revenues. Whether it be a senior living facility, hospital cafeteria or another type of institution, the food costs and associated labor are an easy target when it comes to those organizations cutting costs. So, what happens when they can actually generate revenue?

Ghost Town Restaurants, Inc. a unique company that syndicates virtual restaurant models and manages them for affiliated restaurants and food services, has shown their ability to generate more than 10k even 12k per month in additional cash flow, and the kitchens do not have to change anything.

Executive Chef Greg Mulligan of Shade Tree Kitchens in Canton Georgia, a senior living food service provider, says that "GTR (Ghost Town Restaurants) generates a lot of good business for our location in an independent senior living community" stating that the model required no significant training, new equipment or new food to order "it is a seamless, intuitive transition except the fact that the kitchen, which had been slow most hours of the day, is now moving quickly to fulfill GTR orders". Ghost Town Restaurants began a partnership with Shade Tree Kitchens at the end of 2019. As the pandemic escalated, Shade Tree Kitchens got busy. Revenue growth over 2020 has exceeded 200% relative to online sales.

The partnership has also improved the quality and diversity of the in house menu offerings for Chef Greg "The GTR menus require a quality of food not typically available in these environments as the PRD (per resident daily allowance) is often too low and group purchasing companies typically offer institutional grade products" says Chef Greg "Consequently, the quality is typically lower than would be available in the GTR styled casual dining restaurants". Grant Hurless, Chief operating officer of Ghost Town Restaurants stated " Our ability to add virtual kitchens to our network of affiliates is intentionally simple. GTR can onboard a new location in a matter of days" citing that Ghost Town Restaurants handles the initial onboarding to apps so a new location can be added quickly. "The GTR Solution is a turn-key style partnership" says Hurless.

Ghost Kitchens have faced challenges recently, citing the fees and commissions are too high for many restaurateurs. The unreliable drivers can be a menace as well. "We handle all the interactions for our affiliates, this way, they just focus on fulfilling orders, they get paid within a few percent of their full menu price" says Hurless. "GTR provides a single data interface as well, at no cost to the affiliate". Hurless went on to say "GTR has a solution for all restaurant models that neutralizes the fees and commissions charged by online delivery apps, we can partner with any location and provide additional sales for local businesses."

This Ghost Kitchen model stands to fly across the country over the next few years. Dan Francis, CEO of Ghost Town Restaurants stated " There is the do it yourself method, and then their is the do what works method, GTR offers restaurants and institutional food services the ability to jump into the virtual and ghost kitchen business easily and at no cost to them at all".

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