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The world has tapped into the Superpower Network and likes what it hears

Over 25 million downloads in 2020 and heard in more than 90 countries!

Our data shows that the only reason people choose to conduct themselves as anything less than their highest is that they’ve simply forgotten who they are. So we’re going to keep reminding them.”
— Tonya Dawn Recla
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2021 / -- Have you ever wondered if superpowers are real?

Tonya Dawn Recla, founder of the Superpower Network, the number one podcast network for inspired personal development, proves superpowers aren’t just real, but already at work in ways the world hasn’t fully begun to comprehend. The hosts and guests of the Superpower Network join forces to share the latest knowledge about human potential, consciousness, spirituality, conscious entrepreneurship, disruption, mindfulness, and much, much more.

While the mention of superpowers may conjure images of comic books and movies; perhaps the reason these works of fiction resonate so strongly with us, adults and children alike, is because deep down, we want them to be true. We want to believe there is more power for us to tap in to, we want to see good triumph over evil, we crave happy endings, and we want love to win.

The good news is there are more people who tap into the Superpower Network than you’d imagine - this year the network celebrates its 5-year anniversary and the landmark of a staggering 25 million downloads in 2020 alone. “We had no idea this would resonate with millions of people when we started,” said Tonya. “We chose to follow what we perceived as divine guidance and trusted the outcome. We did this with a group of people who had no celebrity, no platform, the youngest of whom was 7 years old, and never spent a dollar on advertising before now.”

The overwhelming response to the network, however, no longer surprises the Superpower team. “It actually stemmed from necessity. In 2015 we started our training platform, Super Power Experts, and quickly learned that our people are about 1% of everywhere. Those training programs and content build on traditional personal development which remains, itself, a fairly niche market. We couldn’t target for demographics, industry or even interests. We couldn’t rely on traditional marketing strategies so we just opted out,” Tonya said. “Instead, we did something crazy by logical standards and chose simply to broadcast out in our way, using our words, speaking on our frequency, and honoring the guidance we were given. Even when 99% of the world didn’t understand or care, our people heard us.”

The podcast network is available free of cost. It delivers open-hearted, thought-provoking messages designed to guide people along their life journey. Listeners participate anonymously, privately, and join in from around the world. When asked to comment on the impact of the Superpower Network, Tonya believes the success is not just good news for their team, or their ever-expanding community, but for humanity itself. “This has massive implications for the advancement of conscious capitalism and purpose-driven business. This, and so many other realized indicators, prove that it’s an incredibly exciting time to be present in embodied awareness.” As the team and network continue to expand, Tonya sees big things on the horizon, “The world is collectively growing and benefitting from this. We have a message to share, we follow our calling, and because of that, everyone wins. We want to let people know that they can do it too - we stand as proof that it's possible. Walking in communion with Source works 100% of the time. When you live your life in communion with the divine, anything is possible. This is our miracle, and that’s what we want the world to know.”

Raving fans of the network stumbled upon it in search of discovery, growth, and a desire to attune themselves to a higher frequency. The shows and programs provide information and ideas that counter typical mass-produced media and social media. For example, the extremely popular show, Super Power Kids, which garnered over 2.2 million downloads on its own in 2020, features engaging conversations between the star host, Neva, and adults and kids who courageously use their superpowers to shape the world around them. When asked what the secret is, Tonya laughed and said, “Other than having the audacity to follow divine guidance? Love forms the foundation of why we do what we do and we lead with our hearts and souls. We love first and unabashedly hold that standard. What else is there, right?"

This is the first public announcement of the network and its success, and an invitation to the public: Join the network, share it with those looking for hope. And, for those just getting started on a personal journey, the Superpower Network exists to support, uplift, and guide people through continued evolution, to inspire them to go beyond their limitations and experience divinely-inspired success. As for what drives Tonya to keep growing the network, she offered this, “Our data shows that the only reason people choose to conduct themselves as anything less than their highest is that they’ve simply forgotten who they are. So we’re going to keep reminding them.”

About the network:
The Superpower Network, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is the number one podcast network for inspired personal development. With over 25 million downloads in 2020 and heard in more than 90 countries, the network continues to prove that the world is hungry for real conversations. The network features hosts and guests doing amazing things in the world. Past guests include thought leaders, celebrities, scientists, authors, political theorists, entrepreneurs, academicians, religious and spiritual teachers, government and military leaders, influencers, lightworkers, and change agents impacting the world in positive and powerful ways.

About Tonya:
Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days proving superpowers are real. The Superpower Network demonstrates Tonya's commitment to creating scalable and sustainable solutions to support rapid evolution and vibrational shifts for individuals and the collective. During her career as a Counterintelligence Special Agent, she explored the human psyche, honed her superpowers, and cracked the code of enlightened self-actualization. She believes everyone has the power to create a multidimensional existence and master the human experience. Tonya, Justin, and Neva Lee Recla, the first family of inspired personal development, live their lives as a testament to the power of synergy, love, and communion with God.

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