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SVP for Impact XM discusses the new normal for B2B marketing on podcast for event planners

Capano highlights the benefits of virtual and hybrid experiences, with the belief that online events are going to be the new normal moving forward.

...virtual is different. It's much more of a team effort, like find your agency partner, find your creative team, find your tech team, bring them all in really early...”
— John Capano, SVP at Impact XM

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES , February 2, 2021 / -- Senior Vice President at Impact XM, an experiential marketing agency, John Capano discusses his bridge strategy for events in 2021 on the latest episode of the EventBuzz podcast. The podcast’s host, Savannah McIntosh, Marketing Director for Purplepass, interviewed Capano. The two conversed about the new world of events and strategies for connecting past events to the industry’s current state.

Capano highlighted the benefits of virtual and hybrid experiences, with the belief that online events are going to be the new normal looking forward. “What makes for a great hybrid event is really finding a kind of the core idea of the multi-screen experience. And it just happens that you know, we talked about multi-screen in our businesses being the TV and the phone, and the computer. Well add life to that! That's almost the fourth screen’s really how do you build an event that’s engaging across all those areas and really leveraging technology…” says Capano. According to Impact XM's SVP, the company strongly believes that hybrid will be the model for events in 2021+, giving guests the option to appear onsite or stay home.

The episode also includes tips for professionals using the online space and looking for ways to boost event engagement. Marketing expert, Capano, shares his insider tips for planners looking to captivate their online audience. “...there’s all different types of ways beyond just the content to get people to engage and a big part of that is what environment your event is. So really knowing your audience and what’s the purpose of your meeting and what you’re trying to achieve and design the technology to fit that.”

The pair concluded the conversation discussing Hub and Spoke events, bridging small virtual and in-person events to one core event. Plus parting tips for the listeners and event professionals looking for B2B marketing suggestions moving forward.

You can listen to the entire conversation here or search for the EventBuzz podcast on your favorite streaming service. Created by Purplepass, an all-in-one event management software, the podcast helps connect event planners online with insightful conversations and tips from different individuals in the event space.

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