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SafeCare Unleashed

Yisrael Safeek

An In Depth Look at 2nd Decade of The SafeCare Group

The SafeCare Group looks forward to growing its footprint as a leader in innovative solutions for healthcare quality, safety, and cost across the United States and strategic partnerships overseas”
— Yisrael Safeek, MD, MBA, CEO The SafeCare Group
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, USA, February 1, 2021 / -- SafeCare magazine announced today the release of its SafeCare Group Edition - SafeCare Unleashed. The special edition highlights the most prominent achievements of The SafeCare Group over the last decade, and shares the vision of the company over the next decade.

The SafeCare Group was launched in 2010 at the height of the Great Recession when companies were firing employees and closing their doors. The SafeCare Group® celebrated its 10th Anniversary in the midst of the Great Pandemic without any assistance from the paycheck protection program. The company has grown into a healthcare analytics powerhouse with SafeCare AI, SafeCareSoft, 100 SafeCare Hospitals, and Rate A Hospital.

“The SafeCare Group looks forward to growing its footprint as a leader in innovative and creative solutions for healthcare quality, safety, and cost with clients across the United States and strategic partnerships overseas,” stated Yisrael Safeek, MD, MBA CEO of The SafeCare Group.

The SafeCare Group has unleashed the power of American innovation and ingenuity with SafeCare AI® utilizing machine learning, deep learning and artificial neural networks. SafeCare AI finalized seven AI platforms to:
• Reduce Redundant Care
• Cut Avoidable Readmissions
• Predict Sepsis Progression
• Prevent Hospital Infections
• Reduce Inpatient Mortality
• Improve Medication Safety
• Lower Hospital Charges

SafeCareSoft® sells EMR-based SaaS for the CMS Hospital Value Based, Readmissions Reduction, and Hospitals Acquired Conditions Reduction Programs.

100 SafeCare Hospitals® site is a consumer-oriented service that helps consumers make informed decisions about their health care.

Rate A Hospital is a Patient Ratings Application – for patients to share actual first-hand experiences they have with hospitals.

The SafeCare Group’s 10-point surgical checklist is a CMS requirement for hospitals, and the CAUTI Bundle is being utilized by healthcare workers on every continent. In 2016, the company published A Seven-Point US Healthcare Strategy - Making American Healthcare Great Again. One of the seven policy initiatives identified was Policy Initiative III - Invest in Pandemic Preparedness as Integral Part of National Security for pandemic preparedness.

About The SafeCare Group®
The SafeCare Group is focused on helping patients by extending our products across their healthcare journey - everything from finding a hospital, writing reviews, and staying connected afterwards. In 2019, The SafeCare Group launched to allow patients to share care experiences, and in 2013, the 100SafeCare rankings were created to empower healthcare consumers. Since 2016, The SafeCare Group invested heavily into Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms known as Intelligent Healthcare™ PaaS by leveraging machine learning and deep-learning capabilities. SafeCare AI® Suite fosters a new generation of AI applications, which are able to sense, reason, act and adapt, to address a range of healthcare challenges in areas such readmissions, medical errors, infections, cost, and outpatient utilization. Since 2014, SafeCareSoft® SaaS solutions enable hospitals to take advantage of disruptive healthcare software known as Softwaring Healthcare Excellence® that optimize hospital ratings and regulatory accreditation. The SafeCare Group® was founded in 2010 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary.
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