Truth & Liberty Coalition Reacts to Twitter's Decision to Block Focus on the Family's THE DAILY CITIZEN

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Targeting of free speech, religious liberty and the whole ‘Cancel Culture” is a rapidly growing phenomenon.

We at Truth and Liberty believe we are experiencing a coordinated effort to silence those of us who hold Christian convictions.”
— Richard Harris, TLC Executive Director
WOODLAND PARK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2021 / -- The Truth & Liberty Coalition is appalled by the decision by Twitter to censor Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen due to an alleged rules violation. Twitter blocked the account stating its position that the organization had posted “hateful” content.

“Twitter’s decision is blatant censorship,” said Richard Harris, Truth and Liberty Coalition’s Executive Director. “Focus on the Family’s statement poses no danger to anyone and does not incite violence or any other improper behavior. It seems, according to Twitter, simply acknowledging the indisputable fact of a person’s biological gender is now ‘hateful’.”

The tweet posted on @FocusCitizen included a sentence discussing President Biden’s new transgender Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services: “Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

“Our concern is that with Focus on the Family’s account being blocked, all Christian conservative organizations could be next,” said Harris. “If stating the facts from a biblical perspective of what constitutes gender gets you banned, then the freedom to speak of all Christian organizations is in jeopardy.”

“Big Tech titans are the new emperors of the twenty-first century, wielding an inordinate amount of power by silencing individuals and organizations that don’t comport or cave to their political or social point of view,” said Jim Daly, president of Focus on The Family.

In recent weeks, other high-profile, outspoken individuals have been banned from social media, including former President Donald Trump and Mike Lindell, CEO and founder of My Pillow.

Other voices silenced include:

· Curt Schilling — had his insurance dropped by AIG; may not make Hall of Fame today because of statements supporting conservative causes

· Brandon Eich — Mozilla CEO, ousted after it was discovered he’d privately given money in support of California’s anti-gay marriage referendum in the past

· Martina Navratilova — thrown off LGBT advocacy board and loses speaking engagements and documentary after arguing that transgender male athletes shouldn’t be able to compete in women’s sports

· JK Rowling — prevented from getting last book published because of tweets making distinctions between the sexes

· Ariel Pink dropped from record label for attending Trump rally, not to mention all of the people who have been fired from jobs for attending the January 6 rally, regardless of whether they even came near the Capitol

· CrossFit founder Greg Glassman forced to sell company after making remarks critical of the rioting last year

“We at Truth and Liberty believe we are experiencing a coordinated effort to silence those of us who hold Christian convictions,” Harris said. “We ask all Americans to pray and to speak out to let Big Tech and our elected representatives know that this assault on essential freedom is not acceptable. This targeting of free speech, religious liberty and the whole ‘Cancel Culture” is a rapidly growing phenomenon that has no end in sight. We must act now.”

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