What Now for Renewables and Sustainable Aviation Fuels?

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Learn what is ahead for renewable and sustainable aviation fuel

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, January 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- A new US political administration is in place, and with it comes a return to fighting the war against climate change. The new administration is committed to the challenges ahead to increase our use of renewable resources for new sources of energy. That includes sustainable aviation fuel, (“SAF”).

One of the first moves made by new US President Biden was for the US to re-join the Paris climate accord, created in 2015. The accord commits countries to create guidelines and timetables on reducing greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide, which gets released from burning fossil fuels.

Investment Interest in Renewables

As a company working in the sustainable aviation fuel industry, we are excited about the future of renewables, and SAF in particular. We feel that this area may be ready for industry explosion soon. We are in a great position to become a leader in the industry, to attract investors for the long term.

Many sustainability investors simply do not want to own companies that produce oil, coal, and other hydrocarbons. These companies are producing sources of pollution and are considered contributors to climate change. In comparison, many new companies in renewable fuels are acknowledging the steps to move ahead to meet government mandates on clear air.

But where do these developments leave the big oil & gas companies?

What This Means for the O & G Companies

As new SAF producers forge ahead with renewable investments, big oil companies today seem to be in the same position that the power utilities were about 20 years ago. They are behind, still producing products from fossil fuels.

This means that the big Oil & Gas companies are putting together renewable energy strategies, and scrambling to catch up with the changing tides in energy production. Some O & G companies are busy converting part or all of their processes and plants to be able to produce sustainable fuels. Other O&G companies are still lagging. Some have been announced.

But making these moves may end up costing them billions of dollars to convert plants or build new plants to completely make these moves to renewable production. And they would have to work with Renewable Fuels Developers who are presently competitors and be held to government mandates on production. Is this what today’s investor really wants? We think the future of sustainable aviation fuel represents a better route ahead.

Investors to Move to Renewables

Investors know that change is coming and that it is getting nearer to the day when our planet can spin on renewable resources, and have a prosperous clean-energy future. Major investors are already making new sustainable aviation fuel investments and moving away from investing in fossil-fuel companies.

Another view is given by the International Energy Agency, which writes in its new report on renewables:
“Renewables will overtake coal to become the largest source of electricity generation worldwide in 2025. By that time, they are expected to supply one-third of the world’s electricity. Hydropower will continue to supply almost half of the global renewable electricity. It is by far the largest source of renewable electricity worldwide, followed by wind and solar PV.”

This is what drives our team at Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC. We are in serious, final stage, active investment discussions with top U.S. investment firms and industry companies in reviewing the SAF investment opportunity. The company has already received investment term sheets for the construction CAPEX of the Project, from multiple qualified investors eager to participate in the Project’s funding needs. As a result, final development funding is expected to close soon.

All of this investment is to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the NWABF SAF Project, which will produce and supply 60+ million gallons of SAF annually for Delta Air Lines. And that’s just the start. There is more in the pipeline.

At Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC, we believe that future travel from aviation can and will be powered exclusively by sustainable aviation fuel once enough of this fuel becomes available. This is why we stay excited, remain committed and are encouraged by the new moves toward a cleaner, more energy-efficient future.

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