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Nutrition And Wellness Consultant Sara Ibrahim BJ Talks About Her Upgraded Website

USA, January 23, 2021 / -- A popular Nutrition And Wellness expert has upgraded their website and added a new app to help people to shed the pounds and get in better shape. One impressive section on the new website is aimed at those brides getting married and helping them to lose weight for the big day with the world’s best wedding weight loss plan.

So, who is the popular nutrition and wellness expert? Well, that is Sara Ibrahim BJ who is a master’s in nutrition & wellness, certified board member, and certified personal trainer. She is the owner of BJ Master consulting and NWByS and with her team of experts helps people all over the world to become healthier.

Sara Ibrahim BJ is someone that knows from first-hand experience what it is like to be overweight and how hard it can be without the right guidance and advice to lose weight. She spent five years switching between doctors and experts to find the right method for her. Now, she is using that experience to help others.

We sat down with Sara Ibrahim BJ to learn more.

1. First of all for those that don’t know you, can you introduce yourself? I’m Sara Ibrahim or Sara Ibrahim BJ, as many know me, a registered nutrition and wellness consultant, American Association of drugless practitioners certified board member, and owner of BJ Master Consulting & NWByS.

2. You are a Master in nutrition & wellness, certified board member, and certified personal trainer, what does that actually mean, and what do you do? This means I studied a lot to discover the perfect combination for a healthy lifestyle and weight management. What I do is help my clients overcome difficulties and achieve their personal health goals.

3. Before becoming a nutrition expert you worked in finance, a huge difference in careers, what made you give up the numbers to help people to lose weight and become healthier? In addition to working in finance, I hold a degree in management science and technical analysis.

What inspired me to change my career was my own health. I had a severe thyroid condition that changed my life entirely. I gained 88 pounds (40kg) and had extreme hair loss and eyelash loss, and also a lot of stress as a result.

Losing weight was not easy for me. I went from one doctor to another, and it took me almost five years to reach my goal. My choices for maintaining this weight loss were taking medication for my thyroid for the rest of my life or learning how to manage my condition naturally. This was when I decided to study and change my career so I could help myself and others.

4. So, you had a thyroid issue which caused you to gain a lot of weight, for those that don’t understand how a thyroid issue can cause weight increase, can you explain? There is a complex relationship between thyroid disease, body weight, and metabolism. The hormones your thyroid gland releases help regulate your metabolism, which means how efficiently your body burns food for energy. When your thyroid makes less of its hormones as it does in hypothyroidism, your metabolism slows down. So you won’t burn off calories as quickly, and you’ll gain weight. The more severe your hypothyroidism is, the more weight you’ll gain.

6. You put on a lot of weight, so how did life change for you from being a normal weight to being overweight? I was more than overweight, I was obese. When I was overweight, I felt like everyone was always looking at me and judging me for eating. It was also really hard to go shopping and finding nothing in my size. I couldn’t buy the big name brands I wanted to because they didn’t make my size. I looked years older than I actually was, and I felt like no one would ever find me attractive.

7. You have launched a business to help people to lose weight and become healthier, can you tell me more about it? NWByS is a part of BJ Master Consulting, a licensed consulting firm, and a branch of BJ’s. The business specializes in helping our clients overcome difficulties and achieve their personal health goals.

Our mission is to cut through empty promises, confusing advice and provide affordable, professional, and highly effective Nutrition and Fitness Consulting services to a wide range of clients to help them get in better shape even if they’ve tried and failed before.

8. So, what services will NWByS offer? Our services and areas of expertise include:
* Weight Loss
* Fat loss
* Sports Nutrition
* Holistic Nutrition
* Wellness Nutrition
* Vegan/Vegetarian Diets
* Pregnancy Nutrition
* Performing Nutrition Screenings
* Nutrition & Fitness Assessment
* Nutrition & Fitness Counselling
* Planning Nutrition & Fitness Programs
* Food Allergies
* Special Diets
* Coaching Behaviour Change
* Promoting Healthy Eating Habits
* Large-Scale Meal Planning

10. I see you have lots of different plans available from a basic plan to a premium plan, so basically you can help people with different budgets, but will they all get the same kind of results? With every plan, if the person sticks to it, there will be results. The differences between the plans are how much food, menu rotation, and follow up is included. This can affect a person’s rate of success, plus it’s healthier.

11. What makes you think you can help people to lose weight? I can help because I’m a professional, and I also have experienced being overweight, and I understand how challenging losing weight can be. I know how an overweight person thinks what they want, and what they can and can’t do. I have a team of experts with excellent qualifications and extensive experience in nutrition, dietetics, and the fitness industry.

12. Do you believe everyone can lose weight? Yes, I do. It may be harder for some people than others, but they can. One of the reasons people don’t lose weight is that they don’t believe they can lose weight after one or two experiences with the wrong programs, so they just give up.

13. What is the biggest problem people face when it comes to trying to lose weight? Nowadays, there are more problems than ever, thanks to social media and commercials. From my point of view, the biggest one is when people think of perfection and try to change their lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy overnight. This idea makes it hard to start ,and often they get discouraged quickly and give up.
Change takes time, this is why I use and include behavior change techniques with my clients because I believe behavior and habits can’t be changed overnight.

14. Is your service available to just those living in the USA, or is it available worldwide? Our services are currently available online for everyone worldwide and in-person in the USA and Kuwait. Hopefully, after the Covid 19 pandemic is over, we will also offer in-person services in Tunisia and Germany.

15. You said that it took you almost five years to lose weight, so what timescale can those people who use your service expect to lose weight? I had four years of failure, and then it took me about ten months to lose all the extra weight. The timescale for weight loss depends on many factors, including how many pounds the person wants to lose. I will be lying if I gave you a number, but what I’m sure about is that in three months, anyone can see results.

16. There are people out there that try and try to lose weight and no matter what they do and what diet their follow, the weight does not drop off, why is that? Some dieters may have a medical condition that is making things harder including hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

From my experience, a significant number of dieters who have trouble losing weight are simply eating too many calories. Many think they are dieting, but they don’t know how much they’re actually eating every day. People tend to underestimate their calorie intake by a significant amount.

Other reasons may be related to not sleeping well, not drinking enough water, plus certain medications can make weight loss harder or even cause weight gain.

17. If someone does not have the ability to exercise much due to a disability or illness, can they still lose weight? Yes, of course. Changing your body is 70% nutrition and 30% fitness, so the person can still lose weight with diet only, but their results won’t be as fast as diet and exercise.

18. Where can someone find your services online? All of our services and contact details can be found on our official website:

19. Can anyone contact you personally for motivation or any concerns? The easiest way for anyone to contact me is through my email: sara@nwbys or, Instagram account: @nwbysara

Sara Ibrahim BJ
+(424) 900-1556