Vanderbilt Does it Again: The First VR Experience for Raising Capital

A woman uses Virtual Reality to visit a World Tree farm.

Paulownia trees in Virtual Reality.

Visit a World Tree farm in 360 with Virtual Reality.

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With World Tree being an actual tangible investment, investors want to visit the farms to see their money in action. This project allows investors to visit a farm without ever leaving their house.”
— Distante, Vanderbilt Financial Group Founder and Chairman
WOODBURY, N.Y., UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / -- In another first for the financial services industry, Vanderbilt Financial Group has implemented an innovative VR experience through YouTube to assist in the capital raise for World Tree, LLC. Viewers can have an immersive experience in VR or with their phone or tablet, viewing in 360 mode. In less than five minutes, investors can understand the company’s mission.

“The future is here, and financial advisors should be using not some, but all of the technological tools available to them,” said Stephen Distante, Vanderbilt Founder and Chairman. “There is no better tool than film, and no better way to experience film than with VR.”

VR, or Virtual Reality, is a computer-generated immersive experience often using electronic devices such as VR goggles or a smartphone. VR is often used for watching movies or for playing video games, so it may be strange to hear it being used in the finance industry, especially for a capital raise.

In actuality, VR is a perfect instrument for demonstrating the importance of World Tree. World Tree, LLC, based in Mesa, Ariz., is a for-profit, for-good company that unites investors and farmers in creating environmental, social and economic impacts using the Empress (Paulownia) tree. For every acre invested, farmers receive the trees to plant and care for on their land. Those investors are then entitled to a portion of sales from the first harvest.

Vanderbilt Financial Group, who has worked with World Tree's Eco-Tree Program in the past, has launched this VR project as a way to give investors a visceral connection to the work that World Tree does from afar. The trees are farmed in various countries including in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the United States.

“With World Tree being an actual tangible investment, investors want to visit the farms to see their money in action,” Stephen Distante continued. “Of course, that’s not always reasonable due to the locations of the farms, especially with COVID-19 travel restrictions. This VR project allows investors to visit a World Tree farm, and thereby seeing the impact their investment has made, without ever leaving their house.”

You can view one of Vanderbilt’s VR World Tree videos, as well as learn more about the Eco-Tree Program and join our investor waiting list at

About World Tree: World Tree USA, LLC (“World Tree”) is an agroforestry company focused on promoting the environmental and economic benefits of the Empress (Paulownia) tree. Founded in 2015 by Wendy Burton, the World Tree management team includes foresters, agronomists and scientists with extensive experience with agroforestry and, over 30 years of experience working with the Empress (Paulownia) tree. World Tree grows 18 exclusive non-invasive varieties. World Tree is the largest grower of Empress (Paulownia) trees in North America, with 2,000 acres under management across Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, USA and Mexico.

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