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NativeCoin Partners with ExMarkets Exchange

IEO Announced on NASDAQ’s LilaMax Media Show

USA, January 17, 2021 / -- NativeCoin continues on its path to becoming the first Native American sovereign cryptocurrency, generating genuine excitement in the stock market world after having been featured on NASDAQ, FOX Business News Innovators, Bloomberg’s Innovators, Exploring the Block, KRON and Newsmax TV.

Appearing on NASDAQ’s LilaMax Media show hosted by Jane King, NativeCoin CEO Jeff Johnson and ExMarkets representative Michael Corkery proudly announced their new partnership and ExMarkets’ Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of NativeCoin cryptocurrency. ExMarkets is an international cryptocurrency exchange trading platform.

For Johnson, NativeCoin cryptocurrency is an opportunity to connect the Native American population to the outside world.

“NativeCoin is a sovereign digital currency that will connect the $100 billion-dollar Native American infrastructure to people all across the world,” he said. “For the first time in history the outside investor can reach that multi-billion-dollar revenue which is happening today. ExMarkets provides that opportunity for the Native American community -- to get involved and check out our project.”

Corkery sees NativeCoin as having a real impact in the cryptocurrency world.

“ExMarkets is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange,” he said. “We focus on bringing on projects like NativeCoin that we feel can have a real impact in our community; that have a good business model and possibility for growth in the future. We look for projects that inspire our community and provide value for users in our platform.”

Johnson believes the ExMarkets IEO is a solid step into the future for Native American Tribes and outside investors, and a second chance for those who missed Bitcoin.

“The IEO that ExMarkets is offering provides a strategic partnership and a big jump start for people who missed that bitcoin opportunity,” he said. “We look at it as the ‘sovereign bitcoin’. Now, we have a digital dollar that people can have access to all over the world.”

Johnson believes NativeCoin allows a person or business that wants to be able to have their own personal private currency, the ability to spend it anywhere, at any business and any casino.

According to Johnson, NativeCoin provides the foundation for a global digital currency that is available to anyone, regardless if they live on Tribal lands or not.

“Just like Microsoft provided the operating system that powers computers today we see NativeCoin as providing the individual with their own digital sovereign currency in the multi-billion-dollar Native American economy,” he said. “What that means is that the sovereign lands that have been here for so long are now offering their own digital currency to people all over the world. We look at that as monumental. For the first time in history it connects people from all over the planet to the sovereign lands.”

Corkery noted that the Covid-19 pandemic is prompting people to weigh the value of cryptocurrency and bodes well for the future of digital money.

“I think that with Covid-19 and a lot of uncertainty in the market and some of the other capital market assets, people are beginning to look more at cryptocurrency,” he said. “The more people trust crypto and the better they understand blockchains, the more it will continue to grow.”

Johnson sees the future and the future is cryptocurrency, especially for those who missed the Bitcoin boom and are seeking an opportunity to benefit from the growth and advent of NativeCoin.

“The market that we are trying to reach is for people that have looked at cryptocurrency before, missed the opportunity and are looking for something new,” he said. “They are excited about crypto. They are looking at the digital age. This is where they will find NativeCoin and we are providing that sovereign digital dollar right here and globally.”

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