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Rojo Rakotomalala, Operations Manager at Eden Lodge outlines the resort’s sustainability vision.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Green Globe Platinum member Eden Lodge Madagascar remains committed to its sustainability goals in 2021. The resort provides sustainability training for staff members and supports community initiatives specifically dealing with better educational outcomes for local children.

Rojo Rakotomalala, Operations Manager at Eden Lodge details the resort’s sustainability vision.

Diverse Workforce
Employees at the resort are 100% Malagasy citizens comprised of 68% local residents, 20% from Nosy Be, 8% Ambanja and 4% Antananarivo. Team members from different regions bring untold benefits to the resort enriching its operations and guest services and Malagasy culture in general.

Eden Lodge is continuously looking for ways to engage the local community and increase regional economic revenue through its local purchasing policy and local employment policy. The Lodge purchases goods and products from local suppliers and recruits locally as much as possible. In order to maintain a high quality service, we also employ staff from regions nearby. Hiring people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, brings a fresh array of perspective in the workplace, such as better problem-solving solutions and links to new innovation. In addition, employee turnover is reduced as ultimately employees who feel accepted and valued are much less likely to leave. The turnover rate of the company was just 4% in 2019. Finally, having a more diverse team helps the resort gain a broader understanding of our customers, specifically what they want and what they look for when visiting our resort and Madagascar.

Sustainability Training
In regard to Sustainability Training Programs, staff are paying close attention to caring for their environment. Successive training sessions over the years have enabled employees to understand that biodiversity is the main motivation for guests to stay at the Lodge. And that environmental degradation would therefore have a direct impact on their employment and economic prospects in the short, medium and long term. Furthermore, training for all staff about the company’s new objectives is held semi-annually and a follow-up meeting to review progress with the department heads is held every Thursday afternoon.

Educational Assistance in the Region
Eden Lodge Madagascar first initiated educational community assistance in 2009 and was in charge of running the entire schooling process at different local schools. In order to improve the quality of education for local students, the resort decided to work with a French partner DOCENDA in 2012. The Lodge continues to work in partnership with DOCENDA to educate children in the villages of Anjanozano, Ambatomaranitra and Ambatokirintsana by offering different types of assistance.

Anjanozano School caters for preschool, primary and secondary students. As the largest school, on top of administrative and logistical support, financial aid is also given to pay half the salary for a nurse at the infirmary. In addition, professional expertise is provided to help make students aware of issues such as environmental management and child labour conditions.

Ambatomaranitra and Ambatokirintsana Primary Schools receive administrative assistance with student records, office paperwork and salary payments. Logistical support for purchases and transportation services are also provided. One teacher received a grant at Ambatomaranitra School and school maintenance costs were paid for at Ambatokirintsana School.

Eden Lodge is pleased with progress made at all the schools over the years. Last year in 2020, pupils at Anjanozano school had a 100% success rate in primary and secondary national certification exams. This is an outstanding achievement that deserves commendation.

Future Plans
Eden Lodge Madagascar looks forward to the next 10 years of its sustainability journey and remains dedicated to tackling new green challenges. Caring for staff members and improving education for future generations will continue to be priorities for successful economic development. From an environmental perspective, the resort hopes to change and upgrade to photovoltaic generator equipment in the future.

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