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EDUCATION NOT CERTIFICATION - A Key Differentiator in Developing Leaders & Teams for Business & Digital Transformation

The Flow System Masters Circle of Knowledge

The Flow System Masters Program

The Flow System (TM)

The Flow System of Learning and Understanding

Disrupting the Established Certification Factories that Blight the Agile and Lean Landscape.

The Flow System offers a new take on professional skills training and accreditation that develops your team members and leaders at all levels to become both Lean and Agile in this Age of Complexity.”
— Professor John Turner (UNT)
DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, January 19, 2021 / -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Flow Consortium announce the release of a new era in the development of leadership and team members who are focused on transforming their organizations, while also breaking the current trend of rapid certification proliferated by those in the Agile community.

The tagline ‘Education not Certification’ is being used to describe the key differentiator in this new approach, a focus on developing knowledge and skills, and not just awarding quick certificates that imply immediate expertise. Learn about this new approach at

When talking to Nigel Thurlow, the co-creator of the program he told us “The Agile and Lean industry is awash with a plethora of easy to attain certifications inferring some level of qualification in Agile and Lean for a role in business or digital transformation. What we’ve observed is that many certificate holders are not so well qualified as inferred, and often lack the basic fluency in the role and the context in which they are professing expertise, often leading to undesirable outcomes.

When we were writing the book The Flow System – The Evolution of Agile and Lean Thinking in an Age of Complexity, I realized more needed to be done to help organizations actually apply the techniques and tools and behaviors we were describing. We’ve spent the last year developing this program which I believe will usher in a new age of professional education.

What we have tried to do with this new approach is to focus on ‘Education not Certification’. The development of real skills and deep expertise by providing a university grade education in a cognitively diverse range of topics that make up the Flow System thinking. A system of learning and understanding, and not another one size fits all framework with a cursory nod to the deep learning that underpins the context they are purporting to support.

We have partnered with some of the industry’s most respected experts in various fields of science that encompass Complexity Thinking, Distributed Leadership and Team Science, as well as those who have spent their careers in the Lean and Agile domains. The programs we are releasing will require study, application, reflection, and at the higher levels will be peer reviewed before accreditation is earned. We are also avoiding all talk of certification and qualification."

The program is unique as it mirrors the type of program a major university would offer, but with the difference of offering training and peer review from industry experts as opposed to academics, although they are involved and there has been significant interest from well know universities to adopt the program as formal education.

You can explore the new curriculum and the approach by visiting

About The Flow System

The Flow System enables business growth by eliminating non-value-added activities through fostering an environment for innovation and the rapid delivery of value while shortening the time to market.

The Flow System is a holistic FLOW based approach to delivering Customer 1st Value. Its foundation is based around Lean Thinking coming from The Toyota Production System, also known as TPS and LEAN, plus a new triple helix structure known as the DNA of Organizations™.

The Triple Helix is the first ever approach to bring together and contextualize Complexity Thinking, Distributed Leadership, and Team Science across all industries without a prescriptive methodology or framework.

The Flow System provides an understanding of different methods, patterns, practices, and techniques that enable organizations or institutions to achieve their desired outcomes and avoids the pitfalls of a single prescriptive framework.

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The Flow Consortium
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